How to get The Last Word in Destiny 2

Steps and tips to complete The Draw an exotic quest to unlock The Last Word in Destiny 2.


Nothing gets the Destiny 2 community worked up quite like a secret or Exotic quest. Today’s Exotic quest, called The Draw, is given to Guardians by the Drifter. The reward for completing this quest will be familiar to those who played a lot of the original Destiny, as The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon is yours should you grind this one out. Below are the steps to complete the quest, and tips to help get The Last Word in your hands a bit faster.

How to get The Last Word

The Last Word Exotic Quest The Draw

Begin by loading into the Tower and visiting the Drifter. He will have a quest called The Draw. Once you pick up the quest, open your inventory and view the first quest step, entirely centered around the Hive.

Quest Step: The Cleansing

The Cleansing Quest Step The Last Word Destiny 2
  • Hive defeated with Solar damage (100%)
  • Hive Tablets collected (75)
  • Hive bosses defeated (3)

One of the easiest ways to complete this quest step is to fire up the Core Terminus lost sector on Mars. It's the one just outside the Braytech Futurescape building. Make sure that your subclass, energy weapon, and power weapon are all Solar damage, then start obliterating Hive. A few runs of this and all three objectives should be completed. Unlike the Cargo Bay 3 lost sector on Titan, this Hive boss actually counts, whereas the Ogre in that one doesn't for some odd reason. It's also worth noting that strike bosses don't count as Hive bosses either. It's a confusing system, but just know that the Hive bosses (and minion Hive) that you seek are in the Core Terminus lost sector.

Quest Step: A Cleansed Artifact

A Cleansed Artifact Quest Steop The Last Word Destiny 2
  • Drifter visited

Simply return to the Drifter and speak to him. This is a transition step. Nothing more than busy work to make you waste Vanguard rocket fuel flying to the Tower and then back out where you really need to be.

Quest Step: The Temptation

The Temptation Quest Step The Last Word Destiny 2
  • Guardians Defeated (100%)

Head into the Crucible for the next step, which is by far the most aggravating for most Guardians. The goal here is to land final blows, defeat opponents, and limit your deaths. Skilled PvP players are going to blast through this in a few rounds, while those of us who aren't the best in PvP might struggle for a considerable time. Death means lost progress, so it's important to keep your final blows and defeats above your deaths. If you're not comfortable running into the middle of the map and killing five Guardians at once, hang back with a pulse rifle and focus on doing damage to targets engaged with teammates. You don't have to kill them to get points. If you defeat (participate in the killing of an opponent, but not land the final blow) several Guardians per life, positive progress on this step is guaranteed.

Quest Step: The Damnation

  • Hive ritual stopped

The Damnation quest step tasks players with heading to Titan to stop a Hive ritual. This is a special mission that is launched from the planet. Use the map to track the blue banner, find it on Titan, and then launch the quest step. The mission involves heading into the Cargo Bay 3 lost sector. Kill the Hive Wizards in the room to lower the boss' shield. Deal damage to the boss until the shield regenerates, then kill the Wizards again and enter another damage phase. Staying alive with the constant spawning of Hive minions is by far the most challenging part of this quest, but it's fairly easy regardless.

Quest Step: A New Jagged Purpose

  • Drifter visited

Head on back to the Drifter to show him the helmet you found. Listen to his spiel or jump to the next step.

Quest Step: Sullied Light

  • Etched Crystals collection 0/15
  • Crucible medals earned 0/25
  • Hive Larvae collected 0/50
  • Heroic Hive rituals completed 0/3

This next step is going to be a bit time-consuming, though far less frustrating than the Temptation portion of acquiring the Last Word. Players will need to collect Etched Crystal from Lost Sector wanted escapees, earn "Best served cold" and "Blood for Blood" medals in the Crucible, defeat Hive with precision damage, and complete the Heroic version of the Witches Ritual Public Event. The "Best served cold" medal is awarded for landing the killing blow on an enemy the last killed you. The "Blood for Blood" medal is awarded for killing an enemy that just killed an ally. 

Running the Cargo Bay 3 lost sector was by far the fastest way for a buddy and I to complete the Etched Crystals and Hive Larvae portions of this quest step. Because the Hive in Cargo Bay 3 are largely made up of Acolytes, they have big heads that are easy to hit, and Hive Larvae drops on critical kills. Furthermore, we were able to run this lost sector (after finishing the Hive Larvae portion) from entry to exit in about a minute.

The Hive Rituals heroic public event is found on Titan and Mars. No way to cheese this one. Just keep an eye out for these events and head to the planet they take place on. Be fast, though, as this event can be beaten very quickly, even when turned to its heroic version. My suggest is to focus on the Hive Larvae and Etched Crystals portion, but check on Hive Ritual public events between runs. No point waiting around doing nothing if you don't have to.

The final step requires 25 Crucible medals made up of Blood for Blood and Best Served Cold. Blood for Blood is the easier, more controllable, medal to earn. It involves killing an opponent that just killed you. To do this, stay behind teammates and focus on killing enemies that just defeated your pals. Best Served Cold is about killing the player that last killed you, which is tough to control. If Mayhem is running as a Crucible mode, head in there. Not only are people dying all over the place, but you're able to toss up about 10 super abilities per round. I believe it took me in the range of five to seven Mayhem matches to complete this step. 

Quest Step: Sorrow's Road

  • Drifter visted

Return to the Drifter to pick up the final leg of the quest for the Last Word.

Quest Step: The Conversation

  • Enkaar defeated

The final quest step for the Last Word is called The Conversation and requires players hunt down and kill Enkaar, the Hive weapon master. The mission to kill Enkaar is found on the Tangled Shore and is launched while in Patrol. Head to the Tangled Shore, open the map and track the blue banner called The Draw. The goal will be to kill all three Wizards and then kill Enkaar. 

There is a problem where the "Find Enkaar, the weapon master" is bugged. To stop this bug from happening, approach the three Wizards near the crystal to get their attention. Do not shoot them from a distance. If the bug happens, exit the mission and try again.

Use your Sparrow to reach the mission location and launch it via the flag. Spawn in and start killing Hive, progressing when you kill the yellow-health Ogre which will drop a Worm. Take the Worm to the door to gain access to Enkaar's lair. Run up and get the attention of all three Wizards and then proceed to kill them. The Wizards will spread out into different areas of the cave, hunt each of them down to progress the mission. Note that you will be suppressed while in the lair and the only way to heal will be to collect the Restorative Light that drops from enemies. With all three Wizards defeated, destroy the crystal and drop down the hole.

This next area utilizes a new mechanic involving plates and a classic western stand-off. Stand on the plate to activate the "Steady..." effect, once it completes, hold the appropriate button to "Draw" the Last Word. At this point, wait for Enkaar to raise its gun and then use the Last Word to shoot the weapon out of Enkaar's hand. This mechanic is repeated a few more times. For each successive plate, another copy of Enkaar will appear, take note of the order that the Enkaar's appear. The one that appears first will draw their weapon first and you will need to shoot them in the correct order. After Enkaar is defeated three times, the quest will complete and you will be rewarded with The Last Word. All thlat's left to do is check out the Destiny 2 strategy guide we have been building since the game's initial release for more help acquiring all the game's goodies.

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