How to use the Broken Blade - Destiny 2

Where to find the Hive statues in Deep Dive for the Broken Blade of Strife, Ambition, and Cunning.


Fishing aficionados are discovering a Broken Blade in their tackle boxes in Destiny 2. This unusual item appears after catching an Exotic fish and depositing it at the H.E.L.M., and while that might have been tough to do, working out how and where to use it is another challenge altogether. The good news is that it's simple: just find three Hive statues in the Deep Dive activity. 

How to use the Broken Blade

Inventory screen showing the Broken Blade in the Tackle Box

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Broken Blades drop whenever a specific Exotic fish is deposited at the H.E.L.M. in Destiny 2 during Season of the Deep. In order to get one, players must catch an Exotic fish with greater chances occurring at the weekly fishing spot. There are three Exotic fish that each reward a different blade:

  • Whispering Mothcarp (from Savathun's throne world) rewards a Broken Blade of Strife
  • Vexing Placoderm (from Nessus) rewards a Broken Blade of Ambition
  • Aeonian Alpha-Betta (from the EDZ) rewards a Broken Blade of Cunning

Once one has been found, players can use the Broken Blade in the Deep Dive activity at Hive statues. Offering a Broken Blade to each statue is part of a longer Exotic quest for the Exotic Scout Rifle, Wicked Implement.

Depositing a Broken Blade at a Hive statue does not consume it. You will be able to deposit it again on subsequent runs. You must have acquired all three Broken Blades to activate all three Hive statues. For example, you cannot activate the second statue until you have a Broken Blade of Ambition. Activating a Hive statue activates it for the whole fireteam.

Hive statue #1: Broken Blade of Strife

The Deep Dive activity has three Hive statues hidden throughout. These take on the form of a Thrall with weaponry crossed in front of it. You must have acquired a Broken Blade of Strife to deposit at the first statute which is located in the first underwater section at the start of the activity.

An underwater section in the Deep Dive activity

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Drop down into the methane ocean and follow the main path to the part with the broken catwalks and the pushy Taken blast. Drop down into a coral-filled cavern. There will be two routes, one takes you to another pushy Taken blast - this is the wrong way. Go the other way into a smaller tunnel.

An underwater tunnel in Deep Dive

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Look for the yellow coral in this tunnel and hug the right-hand wall to find a side path. Going straight would lead to the Taken pushy blast and the main path. The right-hand turn takes you to the Hive statue.

A Hive statue in an underwater section in a Deep Dive

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Look over the edge to spot the Hive statue below. Approach the statue and interact with it to deposit the blade. Text will appear on-screen stating, “A bladed offering, accepted…” Keep in mind that you won't be able to climb up to this statue if you miss it.

Hive statue #2: Broken Blade of Ambition

The Guardian stands underwater in an outside area in the first fight arena

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The second Hive statue for the Broken Blade of Ambition item is found in the first major fight encounter. This encounter has an indoor fight and then an outdoor fight. When you get to the outdoor section, look to the door where you exit after collecting Ahsa’s gift.

A balcony and an open door in the side of a building

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On the left-hand side of this outdoor area will be a balcony with a door. Go through the door to find the Hive statue. This door is locked until partway through the fight. Remember to get it before progressing to the next area.

Hive statue #3: Broken Blade of Cunning

The player drops down a massive cylindrical tunnel with a fan at the bottom

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The final Hive statue is immediately after the second statue. Pass through the door and into the underwater section. Drop down through the huge cylindrical room with the spinning fan.

An underwater cavern filled with coral
When you see this rock and seaweed, you're right near the statue. Just keep to the left.
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When you reach the coral-filled cavern, stick to the left-hand wall. Following the left wall will take you around a thin ledge to the statue. If you drop down too far you won't be able to get back up to it.

Once the Broken Blades are offered at the Hive statue, you’ll either need to continue the Exotic quest or wait until next week to get another Exotic fish and the blade it rewards. We’ll keep you updated on the other locations and drops as they release. For more on Season of the Deep, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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