How to get Phoenix Cradle - Destiny 2

Unlock the Phoenix Cradle for your Titan in Destiny 2 and take your Solar game to new heights.


Phoenix Cradle is an exceptional piece of Exotic Titan armor. Players experimenting with Solar 3.0 builds in Destiny 2 will no doubt want to chuck on these legs and see how it plays. However, if you’re starting a Titan for the first time, it might not be clear where to get these – as they’re not available from Lost Sectors right away.

How to get Phoenix Cradle

To get the Phoenix Cradle Titan Exotic legs, you must complete the Shadowkeep campaign. These Exotic legs are awarded at the end of the campaign when you speak with Ikora. It’s quite common for new campaigns to lock new Exotics behind completion.

destiny 2 unlock phoenix cradle
Phoenix Cradle is only available by completing the Shadowkeep campaign.

After you complete the Shadowkeep campaign, speak with Ikora, and grab the Phoenix Cradle boots, they will be added to the world loot pool. This means you can now get them from random drops, from Xur, and even from the Legend and Master Lost Sectors. This is great, as the roll from Ikora may not be what you want.

For those players joining the game with Witch Queen, taking advantage of Solar 3.0 (and the upcoming Arc 3.0) will mean acquiring as much of the Exotic Titan Armor as possible. There’s even Exotic Warlock Armor and Exotic Hunter Armor to chase.

As for what the Phoenix Cradle Exotic does, it makes Sol Invictus last twice as long and any allies that pass through your Sunsports are granted Sol Invictus. This is pretty neat, as it basically helps allies’ abilities regenerate faster.

Unlocking the Phoenix Cradle Exotic armor for Titans is certainly not clear. Until it is added to the world loot pool in a future update, the only way to get it is from the Shadowkeep campaign. Now go out there and unlock the other items you need. Read over our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for a wealth of Exotic weapon and armor information.

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