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As Bungie releases more content for Destiny 2, the conversation about which piece of exotic armor to put on becomes more complicated. What might have been an easy choice when the game launched will need some thought. What activity you’re in, what subclass you're using, and what modifiers might be preset are all necessary considerations, which is why we've accumulated a complete list of exotic Titan armor in Destiny 2 and provided details and advice on when to wear it.

Last updated on July 1, 2020 at 12:54 a.m. PT.

List of Exotic Titan Armor in Destiny 2

Use the links below to jump to specific Destiny 2 exotic Titan armor listings to learn more about each piece's type, trait, and intrinsic perk.

ACD/0 Feedback Fence Actium War Rig
Aeon Safe An Insurmountable Skullfort
Antaeus Wards Armamentarium
Ashen Wake Citan's Ramparts
Crest of Alpha Lupi Doom Fang Pauldron
Dunemarchers Eternal Warrior
Hallowfire Heart Heart of Inmost Light
Helm of Saint-14 Khepri's Horn
Lion Rampant Mask of the Quiet One
Mk. 44 Stand Asides One-Eyed Mask
Peacekeepers Peregrine Greaves
Phoenix Cradle Severance Enclosure
Stronghold Synthoceps
Ursa Furiosa Wormgod Caress

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ACD/0 Feedback Fence

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor ACD/0 Feedback Fence

Type: Gauntlets
Intrinsic Perk: Fury Conductors - Melee kills build energy. Being struck by a melee attack reduces incoming damage and unleashes the energy in a devastating explosion.

Good or Bad: You’ve got to melee things to build energy, then depend on something hitting you with their melee, which will then release the built-up energy in a huge explosion. That’s a lot of criteria to meet to make these gauntlets useful. I’d blow these up for the extra Legendary Shards until such a time that they receive a buff from Bungie to become relevant again.

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Doom Fang Pauldron

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Doom Fang Pauldron

Type: Gauntlets
Intrinsic Perk: Horns of Doom - Void melee kills give Super energy. While Sentinel Shield is active, melee kills recharge Shield Throw, which extends your Super on hits.

Good or Bad: In their current state, when paired with a Sentinel Titan, this is probably one of the best Exotics in the game.

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Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Synthoceps

Type: Gauntlets
Intrinsic Perk: Biotic Enhancements - Increased melee lunge range. Improved melee and Super damage when you're surrounded.

Good or Bad: Great. The Synthoceps are all about increasing the effectiveness and damage of your melee. To start, your melee range is increased from 5m to 7m just by wearing them, which means you can melee long before you’d think to. Secondly, when surrounded, your melee damage increases from 90 to 180 damage, which is double. This is all without considering the increased super damage while surrounded. Thanks to CoS Gaming for the detailed information.

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Crest of Alpha Lupi

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Crest of Alpha Lupi

Type: Chest Armor
Intrinsic Perk: Survival Well - Generates an additional orb of light from Supers and a healing pulse when Barricade is activated.

Good or Bad: Useful in controllable and predictable ways, which is good. You know what you’re getting, even if it isn’t great. Four orbs of light generated from your super ability would now be five, and the idea that you get a healing pulse when using a barricade makes a lot of sense, because Titans tend to use their barricade when damage is incoming, which is the ideal time to heal.

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Actium War Rig

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Actium War Rig

Type: Chest Armor
Intrinsic Perk: Auto-Loading Link - Steadily reloads a portion of your equipped Auto Rifle’s or Machine Gun's magazine from reserves.

Good or Bad: Good. I use this a lot for the Calus fight when playing the through the original Leviathan raid in Destiny 2. This works well for shooting skulls, and it’s great for maintaining damage on Calus if you run low on heavy ammo, which is almost certainly going to be the case. Any time you’d prefer not to reload, consider the Actium War Rig for the job.

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Hallowfire Heart

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Hallowfire Heart

Type: Chest Armor
Intrinsic Perk: Sunfire Furnace - Improves the recharge rate of your Solar abilities. Greatly improves recharge rate while your Super is charged.

Good or Bad: Nah. You must have your Hammer of Sol super ability fully charged for this exotic to work its magic. Even then, the benefits just aren’t there compared to other exotic armor pieces. You might find a situation where weekly modifiers make this useful, but I can’t think of any of the top of my head.

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An Insurmountable Skullfort

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor An Insurmountable Skullfort

Type: Helmet
Intrinsic Perk: Transfusion Matrix - Kills with Arc melee abilities trigger health regeneration and restore melee energy.

Good or Bad: I don't really see the big sell here, and I’ve used this helmet a fair amount. Once again, the benefit depends on you using your melee ability. I suppose it’s great if you’re getting overwhelmed and you kill an enemy by punching them, initiating health regeneration when you’re in a bad spot, but still not my favorite.

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Mask of the Quiet One

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Mask of the Quiet One

Type: Helmet
Intrinsic Perk: Dreaded Visage - Grants ability energy when you're damaged. When critically wounded, regain maximum health on kills.

Good or Bad: Good. Any time you take damage you are getting melee, grenade, and class ability energy. You don’t have to be using the Sentinel subclass for this. Of course, using the Sentinel subclass means that you can chain the benefits of this Exotic helmet together. Take damage and you get your ability energy. Get an ability kill and you repair the damage. Great cycle of events there if you work it correctly.

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Lion Rampant

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Lion Rampant

Type: Leg Armor
Intrinsic Perk: Jump Jets - Provides additional aerial maneuverability and enables accurate hip fire while in the air during Lift.

Good or Bad: Good for highly skilled players who want to have some fun in PvP. Because there is a bump to hip fire accuracy, they work even better when paired with a weapon that provides the same benefits. In PvP, players will often have a hard time tracking players who use height to their advantage, especially when you jump before they come around a corner, and the Lion Rampant can make for some fun plays if used correctly.

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Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Dunemarchers

Type: Leg Armor
Intrinsic Perk: Linear Actuators - Increases sprint speed. Sprinting builds up a static charge. After melee-attacking an enemy, that charge will chain damage to nearby enemies.

Good or Bad: The fact that the Dunemarchers increase sprint speed is the primary selling point for me, but I tend to value mobility over other benefits. I’ve used them a lot and the damage chaining from melee attacks is cool, but players at full health in PvP are going to survive it, and your primary PvE strategy isn’t likely to be running melee attacks. Could find some situational use, but unlikely that you’ll use these as your main Titan exotic.

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Aeon Safe

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Aeon Safe

Type: Gauntlets
Intrinsic Perk: Aeon Energy - Melee grants the following to nearby Aeon Cult allies: Grenade energy to Warlocks, Melee energy to Titans, and Dodge energy to Hunters. Other allies receive a fraction of the shared energy. 

Good or Bad: A great idea that doesn’t really materialize. Aeon Cult allies are other members of your team that are wearing Aeon armor. So, Hunters with the Aeon Swift and Warlocks with the Aeon Soul. If you can get your entire team to use these Exotics, and you communicate effectively, these could be useful to a degree. You pop your Barricade and the Warlock has their grenade back. The Warlock throws their grenade and you have your Barricade back. The chaining possibilities are good, but this Exotic is almost entirely useless unless you coordinate with your team.

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Khepri's Horn

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Khepris Horn

Type: Helmet
Intrinsic Perk: Solar Rampart - Solar damage kills recharge your Barricade, which unleashes a blast of Solar energy when summoned.

Good or Bad: It’s okay. Solar damage kills can be weapons or abilities, so that’s good. The primary selling point is getting your barricade back quickly, so any situation where you benefit from frequent Rally Barricades, such as a boss fight where instantly reloading a rocket launcher is beneficial. The blast of Solar energy is cool, but it’s never been a game changer for me.

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Helm of Saint-14

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Helm of Saint-14

Type: Helmet
Intrinsic Perk: Starless Night - Enemies that enter Ward of Dawn are blinded, while allies that pass through gain an overshield. Guarding with Sentinel Shield blinds nearby enemies.

Good or Bad: This Exotic helmet is only useful for Sentinel Titans, so already it’s no good for two of the three subclasses, which is fine. It’s situational. Now that it also provides an overshield, it makes the Ward a fantatic option for boss DPS phases.

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MK. 44 Stand Asides

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor MK. 44 Stand Asides

Type: Leg Armor
Intrinsic Perk: Seriously, Watch Out - Grants an overshield when sprinting at full health with Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, or Shield Bash equipped. Hits with these abilities recharge a portion of your melee energy.

Good or Bad: I’m not a fan. To get the overshield you must be at full health and sprinting, so it’s going to be problematic in PvP right away. Melee hits in PvP tend not to be one-shot kills, so the idea of sprinting around the map looking to deliver a melee hit is silly. The major benefit is the cooldown for scoring hits with your melee. A normal melee cooldown is about 60 seconds, and this cuts that in half. Again, that isn’t much help in PvP where a melee hit often won’t score you a kill.

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Ashen Wake

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Ashen Wake

Type: Gauntlets
Intrinsic Perk: Bring the Heat - Fusion grenades now explode on impact and gain increased throw speed. Final blows with Fusion Grenades grant grenage energy.

Good or Bad: Only useful to the Sunbreaker Titan, and even then, you don’t appear to get a damage buff on the Fusion grenades, they just travel faster and explode on impact. I don’t see how anyone would find a value here that outweighs the Armamentarium.

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Wormgod Caress

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Wormgod Caress

Type: Gauntlets
Intrinsic Perk: Burning Fists - Melee kills increase melee damage for a period of time. Additional kills extend duration and increase effects.

Good or Bad: They’re fine in PvE, but useless in PvP. The entire point of the exotic is to get melee kills, which will increase your melee damage for a time, allowing you to get more kills. Melee kills are unreliable at best in the Crucible. Even if you get the first level of the buff, it’s probably not enough to one-shot another player. In PvE, however, killing a few low-level enemies can apply a significant damage buff that could be used to melee an enemy with more health. Could come in handy.

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Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Peacekeepers

Type: Leg Armor
Intrinsic Perk: Mecha Holster - Reloads stowed Submachine Guns and allows you to ready them instantly. Improves your handling with SMGs and your movement while wielding one.

Good or Bad: The Peacekeepers are a dead-average pair of boots that cannibalise having an Exotic in another slot. The only advantage these boots offer is the ability to reload a stowed SMG (which aren't really vogue at the moment unless a Raid Lair has Prestige mode that requires SMGs) while also instantly readying the SMG - again, not very useful. Only pick these up to complete a collection, otherwise, equip something different.

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Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Armamentarium

Type: Chest Armor
Intrinsic Perk: And Another Thing - Gain an additional grenade charge.

Good or Bad: Phenomenal. You know an Exotic is good when it doesn't need a big paragraph to describe its intrinsic perk. The Armamentarium gives you an additional grenade, and Bungie knew that was enough to make it great. The only negative is that when wearing this with my Striker Titan and using the Code of the Earthshaker tree, it was useless. I already have a second grenade charge, so this exotic is best enjoyed by the Sentinel and Sunbreaker.

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Eternal Warrior

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Eternal Warrior

Type: Helmet
Intrinsic Perk: Resolute - Gain an overshield when activating Fists of Havoc.

Good or Bad: Closer to bad than good for several reasons, one of which is how ugly it is. Seriously, though, it’s only useful to Striker Titans and only when they cast their Fist of Havoc Super ability. This means you get usefulness from it once or twice during each round of PvP, and every few minutes in PvE. If you’re dying a lot when you cast Fist of Havoc, this could help you solve that problem, but you could also solve that problem by making a few tweaks to the way you play.

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Antaeus Wards

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Antaeus Wards

Type: Boots
Intrinsic Perk: Reflective Vents - Improved slide. Sliding reflects incoming projectibles. Reflecting projectiles grant Super energy. 

Good or Bad: Good. This can be used to hilarious effect in both Cruclble and PVE content. Improved sliding means sliding further, and any projectiles that hit you while sliding will be deflected. Laugh as your enemies die to their own rocket after it's deflected off of your boots.

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Heart of Inmost Light

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Heart of Inmost Light

Type: Chest
Intrinsic Perk: Overflowing Light - Using an ability (grenade, melee, or Barricade) empowers the other two abilities. Empowered means abilities have faster regen, melees and grenades do more damage, and Barricades have more hit points.

Good or Bad: Good. If you enjoy using Titan abilities, this is the Exotic for you. Sync this Exotic up with a Super and you'll have grenades and melees for days. Seriously, one of the best Titan Exotics out there.

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One-Eyed Mask

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor One-Eyed Mask

Type: Helmet
Intrinsic Perk: Vengeance - Highlights the enemy who dares to damage you. Track down and destroy your enemy for an overshield.

Good or Bad: Good. You know how in movies when someone is about to get beat up and they say, "You better kill me"? This helmet is the embodiment of that statement. If someone damages you in Crucible while you're wearing this helmet, they better kill you, because you will be able to see them, wherever they are on the map. What's more, if you can track them down, and kill them, you gain an overshield. This means, if you win a one-on-one duel, you're about to become even stronger.

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Ursa Furiosa

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Ursa Furiosa

Type: Gauntlet
Intrinsic Perk: Ursine Guard - Move faster while guarding when Sentinel Shield is active. Guarded damage converts to Super energy when the Super ends

Good or Bad: Good. Between you and me, this is currently one of the most powerful Titan Exotic armor pieces in the game. For every bit of damage blocked by the new Titan shield, you will be receiving a bit more Super back when the Super ends. Rinse and repeat. Almost literally infinite Supers.

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Citan's Ramparts

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Citan's Ramparts

Type: Gauntlets
Intrinsic Perk: Assault Barricade - You and your allies can shoot through your Towering Barricade, which has reduced health and duration.

Good or Bad: Being able to shoot through the Assault Barricade is a great boon, however, the reduced health and duration is a major disadvantage.

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Peregrine Greaves

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Peregrine Greaves

Type: Boots
Intrinsic Perk: Peregrine Strike - All shoulder charge abilities (Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, or Shield Bash) deal bonus damage when activated in the air.

Good or Bad: Back in Destiny, Peregrine Greaves dominated enemies on specific burn weaks when there was bonus in-air damage. The same might still be true for Destiny 2, but the likelihood of you being able to take advantage of this in a Nightfall: The Ordeal is low. Probably opt for something else.

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Phoenix Cradle

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Phoenix Cradle

Type: Boots
Intrinsic Perk: Beacon of Empowerment - Sun Warrior lasts twice as long. Allies who pass through your Sunsports are granted Sun Warrior.

Good or Bad: The Phoenix Cradles are definitely worth considering for those playing in a Fireteam. Being able to increase your allies' damage, Super duration, and ability recharge is excellent, especially during raid damage phases.

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Severance Enclosure

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Severance Enclosure

Type: Chest
Intrinsic Perk: Spheromatik Trigger - Arc, Solar, and Void melee final blows unleash a damaging explosion. Finishers and final blows against more powerful targets increase the radius and damage of the explosion.

Good or Bad: This chest piece is quite valuable for the player that's looking for even more area-of-effect damage. Killing an enemy with a charged melee or finisher means a nice explosion around you, helping with add clear.

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Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor Stronghold

Type: Gauntlets
Intrinsic Perk: Clenched Fist - Maximizes Guard stats on equipped Swords. Shots blocked immediately after guarding will heal you.

Good or Bad: Right now, no one is wanting to guard with a Sword. Shard these and keep them in your Collections until such a time as guarding becomes more important and when that happens, Swords will likely be out of vogue anyway.

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That's it for all of the exotic Titan armor in Destiny 2. For more information about other exotic armor, be sure to check out our guide to all Exotic Warlock armor as well as our guide to all Exotic Hunter armor. There will be more to collect and try out once Destiny 2 launches its Forsaken DLC this September 4, but until then, these are all of the options for Titans. You can check out our other content by visiting our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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