How to Get the Worldline Zero Exotic Sword in Destiny 2

Learn how to unlock the Worldline Zero exotic sword in Destiny 2.


Everybody loves a sword, especially one which is exotic in rarity. With the Warmind DLC, Bungie has decided to introduce Guardians to an exotic sword called the Worldline Zero, but it wasn’t immediately clear how this could be unlocked. It never takes Destiny 2 players long to figure these things out, however, so allow me to tell you how to get the Worldline Zero exotic sword in Destiny 2.

Worldline Zero Exotic Sword

To unlock the Worldline Zero exotic sword in Destiny 2, players will have to visit Mars, the new to Destiny 2 location that came with the Warmind DLC. Across Mars are 45 Latent Memories in the form of holographic data pieces. Most players have likely seen a few on their own while working through the story campaign for Warmind. To unlock the Worldline Zero exotic sword, Guardians must collect 35 of the 45 Latent Memories, which is no small task.

Latent Memories must be destroyed to be collected, but it’s not that simple. Each Latent Memory will be a certain element type. If a Latent Memory is Void, Solar, Arc, or Kinetic, it must be destroyed using that element (or in the case of Kinetic, no element). Still, there will be a few Latent Memories that can’t be destroyed using any of those elements and damage types. Notice, however, that Latent Memories that are seemingly immune to all damage types have a bit of static or electricity in them? This means they require Guardians to destroy them with a Valkyrie. These Latent Memories aren’t usually far from where a public event will spawn, and that can often mean that a Valkyrie can be acquired nearby. Valkyries can also be obtained by using a Rasputin Armory Code, something that is awarded for killing bosses and completing public events on Mars.

Once all 35 Latent Memories have been collected, players must head into the Core Terminus lost sector to locate a terminal. This can be found in the Braytech Futurescape part of Mars, not far from where Ana Bray herself can be found. Work through the lost sector a bit and look for a large cache in the corner of one of the rooms part way through. Upon approach it will return a message that says “ANSERIS - 35 Cache Data Required”, which is reference to the 35 Latent Memories Guardians must collect. With 35 collected, interact with the cache to receive the Worldline Zero exotic sword.

With the Worldline Zero exotic sword in hand, there are many more things to do while living the life of a Guardian. Visit the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for all our Destiny 2 guides.

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