How to get the Tangled Web emblem - Destiny 2

Here's how you can get the Tangled Web emblem in Destiny 2.


Players in Destiny 2 have started to see a new emblem popping up since the February 10, 2022, TWAB. That’s because Bungie hid an emblem code in the final paragraph. The code is free for everyone and leads to the Tangled Web emblem, so let’s dig in and get it unlocked for you.

Tangled Web emblem

Tangled Web Emblem Destiny 2

The Tangled Web emblem is unlocked by inputting a code at Bungie’s Code Redemption page. The emblem will then show up in the Flair category of your Collections the next time you launch the game.

Once you do that, you’ll get a message letting you know if the code was successful. You can then click on the Redemption History tab to double check that it worked. You should see Destiny 2 Emblem - Tangled Web at the top of the page, assuming you didn’t redeem any other codes after that. From there, launch Destiny 2 and you can pull the emblem from your Collections to your character with the following steps.

  • Open the Character screen
  • Navigate to Collections
  • Click on Flair
  • Click on Emblems
  • Click on General
Destiny 2 Tangled Web Emblem

The Tangled Web emblem will be in this directory. For me, it was on the second page, but this could change based on the number of emblems you have unlocked. If you don’t see the emblem, reboot your game. I redeemed the emblem code while I was in the game, and even going to Orbit and back didn’t fix it. It was only when I relaunched Destiny 2 that the emblem appeared in my Collections.

Now that you’ve unlocked the Tangled Web emblem, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help with all the vital issues Guardians face every day, like redeeming wicked looking emblems.

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