Destiny 2 Key Bindings and Key Mapping

Destiny 2 key bindings, key mapping and controls for PC.


While most PC games tend to have a few key bindings and key mapping choices in common, there are always one or two odd selections that throw the player off. Luckily, Destiny 2 follows most of the norms in the PC gaming world, but not all of them. That’s why we’ve got the Destiny 2 key bindings for you to browse through, and instructions to help you change whatever it is that you don’t like.

Destiny 2 Key Bindings

Destiny 2 key bindings
A brief look at the Destiny 2 key bindings. Controls from the Beta still work in the final version.

Most of what you’d expect from the Destiny 2 key bindings are in place. Movement is handled through WASD, Shift is your sprint and Ctrl is your crouch. You can use the Mouse Wheel to switch weapons, aim down sight with Right Mouse and fire your weapon with Left Mouse.

There are some oddities, though. A few people I played with had a hard time adjusting to the C key being used for melee when they were used to that being F. By default, the F key is used for your Super Ability. If you don’t like that setup you could swap them. Myself, I’m a fan of the Middle Mouse Button, so I tied my Super Ability to that and switched my melee to F. Honestly, it’s whatever works for you, and for the most part the key bindings and key mapping are fully customizable. For a further breakdown of the default controls, check out the table we've included below.

Action Keybinding
Common Controls
Forward W
Left A
Back S
Right D
Finisher / Player Higlight G
Emote 1 Up Arrow
Emote 2 Down Arrow
Emote 3 Left Arrow
Emote 4 Right Arrow
Push-To-Talk T
Return to Orbit / Abort Activity O
Character Controls
Fire Weapon LMB
Reload R
Melee C
Hold Zoom RMB
Toggle Zoom Unbound by default
Light Attack LMB
Heavy Attack RMB
Block C
Jump Spacebar
Hold Sprint Unbound by default
Toggle Sprint Shift
Hold Crouch Unbound by default
Toggle Crouch Control
Class Ability V
Air Move X
Interact E
Grenade Q
Super F
Switch to Kinetic Weapon 1
Switch to Energy Weapon 2
Switch to Power Weapon 3
Switch Weapon Tilde
Next Weapon Up MMB
Previous Weapon Down MMB
Vehicle Controls
Primary Weapon Fire LMB
Secondary Weapon Fire E
Zoom RMB
Boost RMB
Brake Shift
Exit Vehicle Space
UI Shortcuts
Deploy Ghost Tab
Open Director M
Open Director - Quests Unbound by default
Open Director - Roster U
Open Director - Seasons Unbound by default
Open Director - Clans Unbound by default
Open Director - Collections Unbound by default
Open Director - Triumphs Unbound by default
Open Start Menu - Character I
Open Start Menu - Inventory Unbound by default
Open Start Menu - Settings Unbound by default

Destiny 2 Key Mapping

Destiny 2 PC controls
Open up the start menu to find the Options and change out key bindings.

If you’re not happy with the way the keys are mapped in Destiny 2 on PC, you can change them. To do this, press Esc on your keyboard and choose Open Settings. You can then click on Key Mapping. Not only will this show you the current mapping of keys, it will also allow you to change them however you see fit. For example, I changed my Grenade to the G key.

Destiny 2 key mappings
You can change the Destiny 2 key mappings in the settings.

To change a specific key mapping, click on the key binding that you don’t like, then press the key (or click the mouse button) you wish to change it to. If there are no conflicts with other currently bound keys, you should be good to go. And, you can always reset it to the default if you get too turned around.

Shacknews will be providing Guardians with more information than just the Destiny 2 key bindings and key mapping. We will continue to provide news, guides and features on Destiny 2 long after its release, including how you can build your own PC for Destiny 2.

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