Destiny 2 - How to Trigger All Heroic Public Events

In the early days of Destiny 2, completing Heroic Public Events is the best way to get yourself an Exotic Engram. That might seem odd, but many players are finding that, due to how quickly they can be finished, Heroic Public Events are better for Exotic Engram farming than Strikes, the Crucible and even the Nightfall. Today, we’ll show you how to trigger each of the eight Heroic Public Events so that you can push beyond the 265 Power level that’s holding players up these days.

Cabal Excavation

Work the Cabal Excavation Public Event as you normally would. Stand near the device and wait for the Overriding Lander to reach about 30 to 40 percent. It’s now that a ship called Thresher will fly in. The key to activating this Heroic Public Event is to destroy it before it can escape. It should make a total of two passes before it leaves for good and you’re stuck with the regular Public Event. Once it shifts to a Heroic Public Event, your task is to defeat Excavation Valus.

Glimmer Extraction

During this Public Event, a small Glimmer refinery will show up near the drill site. If you ignore them, a maximum of three of these devices can show up at the third site. The key to activating the Heroic Public Event is to destroy a total of three Glimmer Refinery devices. This will cause the drill to explode and drop the Glimmer in a pile on the ground. Guardians must now stand in the ring and capture the pile of Glimmer while simultaneously fighting off the Fallen.

Injection Rig

During the purge phases of this Public Event, vents will open on the side of the rig. There are three tiers of vents (top, middle and bottom), and three purge phases. The first purge phase will see vents on the top open, the second will see vents in the middle open, and the third will see vents on the bottom open. If your team can destroy all three tiers of vents before the end of the third purge, and defeat all the Psions, the Heroic Public Event will trigger. Now you must defeat Valus Centurion.

Ether Resupply

Begin by doing damage to the boss and dealing with the Fallen. When a small Transport Servitor arrives, destroy it before it disappears. Damage the boss. When two Transport Servitors arrive, destroy them before they leave. Damage the boss. When a wave of three Transport Servitors arrive, destroy them before they take off. This will turn Ether Resupply into a Heroic Public Event, at which time you must defeat the main Servitor to successfully complete it.

Spire Integration

Although the main goal is to prevent Vex from sacrificing themselves to the Conflux, triggering the Heroic version of this Public Event requires you capture three plates that appear in the area. As you stand on a plate it will begin to form, and Vex Fanatics will spawn and run at you to sacrifice themselves to stop you from capturing. More Guardians capturing a plate means it happens faster. When three plates are captured the event turns Heroic.

Taken Blight

During the Taken Blight Public Event there will be Blights with a shield on them spawning in the area. There’s one for the first round, two for the second, and three for the third. The goal is to destroy all the Blights within 20 seconds, triggering the Heroic Public Event. Remember that you need to get inside the shield to do any damage, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use a Grenade or Power weapon to add a little extra damage in short order.

Fallen Walker

Damaging the leg of a Fallen Walker will cause it to collapse, at which point Arc Charges will fall from the machine. Take these and put them into the devices near the Scorch Cannons. Each Scorch Cannon (there are three in total) has two devices powering its shield. Once you unlock all three Scorch Cannons you will trigger the Heroic Public Event, spawning in a second Fallen Walker that you must deal with. The good news is that you get to use your newly acquired Scorch Cannons to whoop them.

Witches Ritual

You trigger the Heroic version of this Public Event after you kill the first two Wizards, but before the final Wizard appears. To the left and right of the portal are pillars, and on these pillars, are shielded Hive crystals. Remove the shields by capturing the plates in the room, then focus your fire on one Hive crystal at a time. Destroying one gives you more time to destroy the next. Once both Hive crystals are destroyed, the Heroic version of the Public Event will trigger, spawning in a Darkblade Knight. Have fun.

That’s all the Heroic Public Event triggers in Destiny 2. Some of them are easy, and some are very hard to pull off in small or under-powered fireteams. To increase your Power and equip yourself for the long road ahead, visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.