Mysterious Datapad, Solve the Riddle - Destiny 2

Solve the Mysterious Datapad riddle to earn a unique emblem in Destiny 2 by completing the Lost Souvenir.


The Mysterious Datapad is one of two items that players receive after handing over the contents of the Mysterious Box to Ada-1. This Mysterious Datapad has a riddle for players to solve, requiring a code to be input using the symbols in the Niobe Labs. This all starts with a mission called Lost Souvenir.

Mysterious Datapad, Solve the Riddle

The riddle on the Mysterious Datapad item offers little indication for how to solve it, unless you’re already aware of the symbols hidden in each of the forges and in the Niobe Labs. The entire riddle is as follows:

“Our fates are written on the fine parchment of time
A never-ending cyclone of conflict and character
We struggle to find times of stillness in the shrine of peace
And watch for the next new dawn signalling tomorrow
Our eyes drawn to the sky looking for the brightest constellation
That we will shape the coming days with our own hands
And the Black Armory will endure forever.”

Lost Souvenir mission - Niobe Labs

The first step of this mission is Lost Souvenir. This takes place in the Niobe Labs, which is right near the Bergusia Forge on the EDZ. Head to the Niobe Labs and look for a lever beside the box that starts the Niobe’s Torment puzzle. Activating the lever begins the mission, Lost Souvenir.

Input correct code

Destiny 2 Niobe Labs code Mysterious Datapad
The symbols can be found hidden around Niobe Labs and must be shot in the correct order with specific Black Armory weapons.

Credit to reddit user soccerjonesy for the above map of Niobe Labs.

Once the Lost Souvenir mission is active, you will need to find the following symbols in Niobe Labs and shoot them with the correct Black Armory weapon. Credit to the team over at RaidSecrets for putting in all the leg work in cracking this code.

  1. Missive with The Spiteful Fang bow
  2. Storm with Hammerhead heavy machine gun
  3. Shrine with Tatara Gaze sniper rifle
  4. Dawn with The Spiteful Fang bow
  5. Star with Hammerhead heavy machine gun
  6. Hand with Hammerhead heavy machine gun
  7. Black Armory with Tatara Gaze sniper rifle


Inputting the correct sequence of symbols will begin the next step, Survive. Players must defeat the two shielded Taken enemies and then clear the room of Taken. To remove the Taken shield, players must use a Honed Edge shot from the Izanagi’s Burden sniper rifle. The Izanagi’s Burden is a reward for completing the Mysterious Box and Black Armory Key Mold quest.

Ignite each forge

Destiny 2 An Ancient Black Armory Frame
While fully equipped with Black Armory gear, complete each of the four forges.

The last step in solving the Mysterious Datapad is to ignite each of the four forges while wearing a full set of Black Armory gear (armor and weapons). Make sure you know how to get Black Armory armor, as even a class item is required for this step. As of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, the forges are on a set rotation. You will need to play the forge playlist every few days to complete this step.

Return to Ada-1

After completing all the previous steps, the final step requires players to return to Ada-1 in the Annex of the Tower to receive the reward. The reward is the Obsidian Dreams emblem.

destiny 2 Obsidian Dreams

While the reward for solving the Mysterious Datapad riddle and completing the Lost Souvenir mission isn’t an Exotic, it’s still an appealing quest for players looking to collect all emblems and clear up some room in their inventory. Head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more walkthroughs on the latest from the Season of the Forge.

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