How to get Tessellation - Destiny 2

Got Tessellation as a pre-order bonus and don't know where to find it in Destiny 2? Here's the answer.


Tessellation is catching a lot of attention in Destiny 2 as more players look to grab it before the release of The Final Shape. But although it’s easy enough to pre-order, actually finding the gun in-game can give players a moment’s pause. Here’s where to find Tessellation, your shiny new Exotic Fusion Rifle.

How to get Tessellation

Before you can get Tessellation in-game, you must first pre-order Destiny 2: The Final Shape and Annual Pass combo. By pre-ordering the Final Shape + Annual Pass, you will receive Tessellation roughly six months early. This is a whole lot of lead time to experiment with a rather interesting Exotic Fusion Rifle.

The Special Deliveries kiosk circled
The Special Deliveries kiosk is where you'll find any pre-order bonuses for Destiny 2.
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Once pre-ordered, load up Destiny 2 (or exit and reload if you were already in it), and you will find Tessellation in the Special Deliveries kiosk. This is a kiosk added with Season of the Witch and is found across from the Gunsmith Banshee-44 and behind the Cryptarch.

Grab the Exotic Fusion Rifle and you’ll be able to use it! Take a look at our Tessellation guide for an overview of how the weapon performs and how the two Exotic perks work together. The short of it is that, while powerful, I’m not quite sure if it’s going to be enough to warrant replacing another Exotic weapon in your build. Only time will tell as we get more hands-on with builds.

Now that you’ve unlocked Tessellation, get out there and see for yourself how it handles. Who knows, you might discover it’s a DPS monster – it certainly clears mobs like no tomorrow. While you’re getting early access to this gun, read over our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more Exotic weapon and armor overviews.

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