Coriolis Force god roll - Destiny 2

A Coriolis Force god roll is hard to come by, but it might be worth the effort for a bit of a laugh in Crucible and something different in PVE.


Coriolis Force originally launched alongside Beyond Light into Destiny 2. As the only Aggressive Frame Fusion Rifle in the game, this thing is extremely unique, but is unfortunately let down by a weak perk pool. In saying this, though it might not be as strong as others, a Coriolis Force god roll will still be fun to use in PVE and even in Crucible.

How to get Coriolis Force

Coriolis Force is a random drop from Europa activities. If you want to get this Void, 660 Charge Time Fusion Rifle, you’ll need to spend a bit of time on Europa, completing Variks’ quests and bounties, and running missions.

There are better Fusion Rifles out there like Loaded Question, Riptide, The Eremite, The Epicurean, Cartesian Coordinate – you get the point. Despite this, you might want to see if you can get a Coriolis Force god roll, just in case this thing becomes vogue.

PVP – Coriolis Force god roll

What makes Coriolis Force interesting for Crucible is that all of the bolts fire in one straight line. This positions it as an unusual Fusion Rifle, acting with the precision of a Sniper Rifle, the close-quarters handling of a Shotgun, but the Range of a Fusion Rifle.

Coriolis Force - PVP
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil Direction +30, Handling +10)
Battery Projection Fuse (Range +10)
Perk 1 Under Pressure (Improved stability and accuracy as the magazine gets lower)
Perk 2 Eye of the Storm (This weapon becomes more accurate and boosts handling as your health gets lower)
Masterwork Range +10
Mod Quick Access Sling (Increases this weapon’s ready and stow speed)

For the Barrel and Battery, try for Arrowhead Brake as the gun pulls quite horribly to the left. This will straighten it up while also improving Handling. Projection Fuse will push the Range stat out a bit further, which should help catch opponents unaware.

A Coriolis Force god roll for PVP

Source: D2Foundry

There are a couple of perks here that are interesting for Crucible, particularly Under Pressure and Eye of the Storm. Because you’ll always spawn with less than half of the Battery, Under Pressure will always be active, granting you more Stability and greater Accuracy. Eye of the Storm assists this further, boosting Handling and accuracy when your health gets lower.

For the Masterwork, try to get Range to help this duel slightly outside of its usual comfort zone. When it comes to mods, personal preference is best, but Quick Access Sling can work a treat if you’re not running around with it equipped.

PVE – Coriolis Force god roll

As previously stated, there aren’t a whole lot of great perks on Coriolis Force to make it a worthy competitor for your affections. However, if you do find one that feels good to use, hold onto it. This god roll will focus on keeping your Magazine full and increasing its damage output.

Coriolis Force - PVP
Barrel Corkscrew Rifling (Stability +5, Range +5, Handling +5)
Battery Ionized Battery (Magazine +2, Reload Speed -20)
Perk 1 Ambitious Assassin (Overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills before reloading)
Perk 2 One For All (Hitting three separate targets increases damage for a moderate duration)
Masterwork Charge Time +10
Mod Major Spec

To start with, Corkscrew Rifling will bump up Stability, Range, and Handling by 5 points each. This will be a nice overall improvement to the gun. Follow this up with Ionized Battery for the Battery to bump the number of rounds up higher. To help with the hit to Charge Rate, a Charge Rate Masterwork would be ideal.

A Coriolis Force god roll for PVE

Source: D2Foundry

When it comes to perks, Ambitious Assassin is going to be your best bet when it comes to add-clearing. The more you defeat, the more ammo you’ll have in your next Magazine. Couple this with One For All and Coriolis Force will be spitting out 35 percent more damage.

Unfortunately, Coriolis Force is so unique that it simply doesn’t fit in anywhere. If you can make it work for you, then that’s excellent, but for most players looking to use a Fusion Rifle, there are far better options to find elsewhere. Until such time as Bungie buffs this gun, you’ll find better god roll weapons to use in our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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