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Learn some strategies for tackling the The Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2.


The Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall is one of the most difficult GMs in Destiny 2. This Strike is frontloaded with Fallen and backloaded with Vex, with plenty of Champions spread throughout. We’ve spent some time in the Glassway GM as well as researching strategies and have collected said information into a helpful guide.

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The Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall

The Glassway GM is going to be a challenge. For those tackling this end-game content, it is important to go in there prepared with the right weapons. The good news is that these weapons will be useful across all seasons as they’re not reliant upon seasonal artifact mods.

Weapons & Exotics

Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle
Divinity remains one of the best weapons in Destiny 2. This Exotic Trace Rifle can stun Overloads, creates an easier crit spot, and applies a damage debuff.

The right weapons can make a world of difference when tackling the Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall.

  • Divinity: It has Overload built into the weapon. It also creates a large critical hit spot and offers a damage multiplier. This allows you to knock down Champions with ease.
  • Arbalest: It has Anti-Barrier built into it. The gun can also punch through any shield, so it minimizes the need for specific element types. If you have the Exotic Catalyst, it will disorient nearby enemies when it pops a shield.
  • Witherhoard: A solid choice for set-and-forget damage. It will damage the boss even if you shoot its rotating shield.
  • Le Monarque: With Overload built into it, it's probably the best Overload weapon in the game as the poision effect it applies to enemies will also continue to stun Overload Champions.

In terms of other weapon types, it will change as the meta shifts. In saying that, right now Linear Fusion Rifles are the top dog for damage. Consider using a Void Linear Fusion Rifle like Taipan-4fr, especially given that the Glassway has bonus Void damage modifier.

Classes & builds

Warlock Shadebinder subclass screen
The Shadebinder Warlock can use its Stasis turrets to lock down enemies.

In terms of builds players should be using, there are a ton of viable options. Reddit user Ekuegan has a comprehensive write-up that includes five different team compositions, each consisting of three different builds. It’s a lot of information, but worth looking at if you’re uncertain about what you should be using.

However, arguably one of the best classes for Grandmaster Glassway is a Warlock. Aztecross has a particularly appealing Stasis Warlock build designed for this Grandmaster. Its whole purpose is to lock down enemies using Stasis turrets. With Osmiomancy Gloves (and Coldsnap Grenades selected), you’ll have access to two turrets. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Bleak Watcher Aspect to freeze enemies
  • Glacial Shards Aspect to create Stasis Shards when an enemy is frozen
  • Elemental Shards mod to turn those Stasis Shards into Stasis Elemental Wells
  • Elemental Charge mod to become Charged with Light when picking up an Elemental Well
  • Firepower mod to get the grenade back quicker
  • Whisper of Torment for grenade energy when damaged
  • Whisper of Shards for grenade energy from shattering Stasis crystals
  • Whisper of Conduction to get the Stasis Shards to drift to you
  • Whisper of Durance which causes slowing effects to last longer

Some alternatives to Whisper of Durance include Whisper of Rim for the overshield, Whisper of Bonds for the Super regeneration, or Whisper of Chains for the damage reduction. Take a look at our Fragments guide for more information.

As for Hunters and Titans, the former should lean into invisibility while the latter should be about survival. Titans, the Solar options (with Loreley Splendor Helm) available to your class ensure you can stay alive, clear enemies, and pop Solar shields. An alternative would be a Sentinel build that utilizes Ward of Dawn (in the event your only Warlock is rocking Stasis).

If there is any wriggle room, it can be worth someone using an Aeon gauntlet in Sect of Insight. Finishing Champions will spawn Heavy ammo for your allies, which will ensure you can use your Heavy whenever you need.

Glassway GM walkthrough

There are a series of difficult parts in the Glassway Grandmaster. The first few caverns pose a threat, the Vex plate and Radiolarian chasm is a risky point, and finally the boss room is just a gauntlet of getting blasted in the face by Wyverns, Champions, and two bosses.

In the caverns, the goal is to sit toward the back of the room, not pressing forward and in. Deal with the Champions as soon as you can. For those teams with a Stasis Warlock, the turret should be thrown out and used to prevent everything from rushing your position. This is the strategy you’ll use right up until the Radiolarian and Vex plate section. Right before this section is a run along a tilted, winding walkway – don’t get surprised by the Overloard Champion on the right.

Draining the Radiolarian Fluid in the Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
Use the boxes near the entrance as protection. You do not need to stand on the Vex plate.
Source: Shacknews

When you need to drain the Radiolarian Fluid, activate the plate, then run back to the entrance and use the objects on the left and right as protection. Stay near the start while you whittle away the enemies. When all the enemies are gone, activate the plate again and retreat to the start. Continue this back and forth until the fluid is drained, at which point you can progress – but don’t! Stay up top and pick off any enemies you see (like an Overload Champion below you), then continue.

Progress through the trench being mindful of the Vandals sniping from the top. Take out any foes that approach you. An Anti-Barrier Servitor will be waiting for you up the back. Once this trench is clear, the next step is where the Glassway GM really begins.

Grandmaster Glassway boss room guide

The boss room in the Glassway Grandmaster will make or break a run. There are a couple of rules to live by: always use Stasis Turrets in the hallways of the left room to slow enemies and always insta-kill Wyverns or Champions that enter via the left-most portal.

Overload Champion spawning through the left portal in The Glassway GM in Destiny 2
Immediately defeat whatever enemy comes through the left portal whenever reinforcements arrive.
Source: Shacknews

Another important element to remember is that enemy spawns are tied to both bosses’ health. For every one-sixth of damage you deal, Vex reinforcements will appear. One-sixth is half a chunk. Whenever you are about to hit this threshold, go to the left side (provided the big boss isn’t there) and instantly defeat the enemy that comes through the portal. This will take some pressure off of surviving in the room.

A Stasis Turret freezing enemies in the left room in The Glassway in Destiny 2
Damage numbers from the Stasis Turret will help you identify where enemies are located.
Source: Shacknews

As for surviving in the room, the left room is the best option as there is no break in the floor where you can take environmental damage from Radiolarian Fluid. Use the hallway that faces the large Vex portal as a funnel – draw the enemies through here. Stasis Turrets should be placed about halfway into this hallway to freeze enemies. While freezing an Overload Champion can mess with the stun mechanic, it’s better for it to be frozen than stomping into the room.

Your team should be moving together to take down the Overload Champions and Wyverns as soon as possible. Whenever the Divinity user stuns it, unleash your Power weapons on it. It is more important to use Heavy on these enemies than it is on the boss. The boss can be defeated using chip damage with Witherhoard or by shooting through its shield with Anti-Barrier rounds.

A Wyvern spawning through the left portal in the Glassway Grandmaster in Destiny 2
Defeating just one of these Wyverns as it appears will improve your experience.
Source: Shacknews

To reiterate (I cannot overstate how important this is): monitor the health of both bosses. Whenever you are approaching one-sixth damage dealt, prepare for another wave of enemies by moving to the far left side. Nuking the Champion or Wyvern that appears will dramatically improve your chances of survival.

The Glassway Grandmaster is a brutally tough Strike. Whenever it appears in the GM schedule, expect to put a bit of time aside familiarizing yourself with how it works and flows. Make sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help with other endgame content.

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