How to get Polymorphic Shellcodes - Destiny 2

Earn a Polymorphic Shellcode by completing a series of quests in Destiny 2 so you can access Partition and Nimbus bounties.


A Polymorphic Shellcode is a unique item players will need to access the Partition activity in Destiny 2. Unlike other currencies and items, this one is tied to a quest which isn’t available until a few other quests have been completed. Acquiring this will also unlock weekly bounties from Nimbus.

How to get Polymorphic Shellcodes

Polymorphic Shellcodes are first available mid-way through the Bluejay quest. At this point, players will need to defeat combatants in the Vex Incursion Zone and use a Terminal Overload key to open a chest. Once this is done and the Bluejay quest completed, players can perform Nimbus’ weekly bounty to get more Polymorphic Shellcodes. Here is the quest order:

  1. Lightfall campaign
  2. Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest
  3. Stargazer quest
  4. Maelstrom quest
  5. Bluejay quest
The Bluejay quest in Destiny 2 that rewards a Polymorphic Shellcode

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With the Lightfall campaign completed, you will have a series of quests starting with Welcome to the Hall of Heroes. Finish it and then the Stargazer and Maelstrom quests, both of which require various activities around Neomuna. Return to Quinn and you’ll get the Bluejay quest.

The second step of Bluejay sends you to the Vex Incursion Zone to defeat enemies with Strand and to complete a Terminal Overload. Once completed, you’ll get the Polymorphic Shellcode. Locate the entry to the Partition activity and launch it.

Nimbus' weekly bounty that rewards a Polymorphic Shellcode
With Partition completed, you'll be able to get a Weekly Bounty from Nimbus that rewards a Polymorphic Shellcode for future Partition missions.
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After completing Partition, you’ll be able to purchase a Weekly Bounty from Nimbus. This will require you to do the same thing each week as you did in the Bluejay quest and will reward you another Polymorphic Shellcode.

Completing the Bluejay quest will award the Polymorphic Shellcode and grant access to a Weekly Bounty that does the same. This will be how you acquire the item moving forward. Now, get into Partition and enjoy some more post-Lightfall storytelling. We’ve got more consumable item guides among many others in our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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