How to farm Opulent Keys - Destiny 2

Start farming Opulent Keys in Destiny 2 so you can open more chests and hopefully get some Deepsight Resonance Opulent weapons.


Farming Opulent Keys will be a top priority for Destiny 2 players that want some of the re-released Opulent weapons. These weapons can only drop from specific chests, which require said keys. If you want to craft your own Austringer or Beloved, you’ll need to spend a lot of time grinding for this new consumable.

How to farm Opulent Keys

Opulent Keys tend to drop pretty consistently from the various chests around the Derelict Leviathan. However, the best chests to farm are the Nightmare chests and the chests and Nightmare Harvester after successfully completing the Nightmare Containment public event. Make sure to equip a cache detector mod on your Ghost so the chests are marked on your HUD.

destiny 2 nightmare chest
Do laps around the Royal Pools and Pleasure Garden opening chests. Nightmare Chests are a good source of Opulent Keys.

Players should begin by participating in as many Nightmare Containment public events as possible. Clearing the Tier 3 boss will allow you to open a chest and deposit Vestiges of Dread at the Nightmare Harvester for bonus rewards. This is also one way to get more Ascendant Alloy. You can also unlock two bonus chests per completion – there are five possible spots around the Castellum these can appear.

destiny 2 opulent key farm
Nightmare Chests tend to drop Opulent Keys.

Beyond Nightmare Containment, another way to farm Opulent Keys is to run around the Royal Pools and the Pleasure Garden. By doing laps of these two areas, you will find plenty of patrol chests to open and Nightmare chests, the latter of which remain locked until you defeat any nearby Nightmares. These chests have a decent chance of dropping a key. Once you've gotten your Opulent Key, check out our Opulent Chest locations guide for help locating the exact one you need to open.

While you’re farming for Opulent Keys, take some time to find and collect the Calus bobbleheads hidden around the Leviathan. For more help with Season of the Haunted, stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for our extensive and thorough coverage.

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