Iron Banner Season 9 quest - Destiny 2

The Iron Banner Season 9 quest has arrived in Destiny 2 and it has players venturing once more into the fiery halls of Crucible.


Iron Banner Season 9 quest is here and it tasks players with diving into Destiny 2’s monthly Crucible event. Players looking to unlock a bunch of Iron Banner armor and guns should swing by Lord Saladin and collect the new quest for the Season of Dawn. Below you’ll find each step of the quest along with any important information on how to complete them.

Iron Banner: Season 9 quest

There are six main steps as part of the Iron Banner Season 9 quest with only five containing Crucible-based tasks. For the majority of these steps, players need only focus on capturing zones, killing players, and getting kills with specific weapons.

iron banner season 9 quest destiny 2
Visit Lord Saladin in the Tower to pick up your Iron Banner Season 9 quest.

Players should begin looking through their collections for a good Scout Rifle, Shotgun, Hand Cannon, and Rocket Launcher. These are the four weapon types that are featured in this quest. It goes without saying that the Iron Banner Season 9 quest can only be completed in Iron Banner, not in normal Crucible.

Step 1: Light the Fires

The first step is Light the Fires. For this step, players must capture zones, kill enemies, and get a few Super kills. Nothing too difficult.

  • Opponents defeated: 30
  • Zones captured: 10
  • Super defeats: 3

Step 2: Iron Sights

destiny 2 randy's throwing knife
This will be a good opportunity to either work on the Randy's Throwing Knife bounty or use it!

Iron Sights is the next step in the quest and it requires the completion of six matches, more zone captures and Scout Rifle kills. This will be a good opportunity to work on the Randy’s Throwing Knife quest if you’ve not already done so.

  • Matches completed: 6
  • Zones captured: 20
  • Scout Rifle final blows: 25

Step 3: Pump Iron

destiny 2 mindbender's ambition
Mindbender's Ambition will make short work of this Iron Banner Season 9 quest step.

Pump Iron is the step, requiring 100 Guardian kills, even more zone captures, and a whole lot of kills with Shotguns. Consider using Mindbender’s Ambition or check out our guide on the Python Ritual weapon for some more Shotgun recommendations.

  • Guardian kills: 100
  • Zones captured: 30
  • Shotgun final blows: 20

Step 4: Death Metal

Destiny 2 Luna's Howl
Luna's Howl still has a place on console, though PC players may prefer to use Spare Rations.

This next step, Death Metal, tasks players with getting 15 Super kills, capturing more zones, and defeating enemies with Hand Cannons. These weapons are in an odd place at the moment, especially for console players, though there are some good ones out there. A good Spare Rations will see you blitzing through this one easily.

  • Super defeats: 15
  • Zones captured: 40
  • Hand Cannon final blows: 15

Step 5: Iron Rain

While this is technically the second last step, it’s the final step that requires you to actually play Iron Banner. You can almost hang up your hat. The Iron Rain step requires more match completions, more zone captures, and to kill Guardians with a Rocket Launcher. Expect to spend a lot of time waiting for Heavy Ammo to spawn.

  • Matches completed: 15
  • Zones captured: 50
  • Rocket Launcher final blows: 10

Step 6: Iron Cast

The last step is Iron Cast and simply directs you to speak with Lord Saladin in the Tower.

  • Return to Lord Saladin in the Tower

With the Iron Banner Season 9 quest completed, you can now focus on other things – like farming for that perfect Swarm of the Raven roll. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more quest walkthroughs.

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