The Dark Priestess quest - Destiny 2

The Dark Priestess quest is the last thing that stand between you and unlocking a new Exotic weapon in Destiny 2.


The Dark Priestess is one of the last quests Variks will offer players in Destiny 2. This is the third of three quests required in order to acquire Salvation's Grip. Thankfully, all these quests are rather short, with this one being faster than the last.

The Dark Priestess quest

The Dark Priestess quest is unlocked after the Empire’s Fall quest. Finishing this new quest will allow you to continue on the Stasis Prototype quest for Salvation's Grip. Here’s a rundown of the steps in this questline.

Step 1: Speak with Variks

Completing the Empire’s Fall quest will grant access to the Dark Priestess quest. Speak with Variks to collect the first real part of the quest.

Step 2: Collect 10 Flecks of Dark

destiny 2 the dark priestess fleck of dark

Go to Cadmus Ridge and defeat Fallen to collect Flecks of Dark. This should be a fairly quick process. In fact, getting precision kills increases the chance that an enemy will drop a Fleck of Dark.

Next, defend the fleeing Fallen Skiff in Eventide Ruins. This uses the same mechanics as seen in the Beyond Light campaign whereby you must disable the emitters using codes gathered from Aspirants.

Step 3: The Dark Priestess

destiny 2 the dark priestess empire hunt

The next step is to complete the Dark Priestess mission. This can be started in the Eventide Ruins, a nice change of pace from running all the way to Riis-Reborn. This Empire Hunt has you tracking down and defeating Kridis.

If you already have the Stasis Prototype quest, completing this Empire Hunt should also activate the quest step “Locating the Prototype”. Now, you can get back to unlocking Salvation's Grip.

Step 4: Return to Variks

Before you refocus your efforts on the Exotic quest, remember to go and speak with Variks. You will receive a reward for your troubles: a Legendary Bow called Biting Winds.

The Dark Priestess quest is the final quest in a trio of tasks offered by Variks. With the quest complete, you can now get back to unlocking Salvation's Grip, which will let you destroy those Entropic Shards for the Beyond Light Triumphs. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more Beyond Light coverage.

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