Ascendant Challenge, Maximum Curse - Destiny 2

Learn where to locate the portal for the Ascendant Challenge when the Dreaming City is at max curse strength, and how to complete the bounty.


As another week goes by in the world of Destiny 2, another change takes hold of the Dreaming City and another Ascendant Challenge must be completed. This week’s Ascendant Challenge offered by Petra Venj tasks players with heading to the Harbinger’s Seclude in order to crush the enemy that awaits inside the Ascendant plane.

Where to find the Ascendant Challenge – Maximum Curse Strength

When the Dreaming City’s curse is at its maximum strength, the Ascendant Challenge will be located near the Harbinger’s Seclude within Rheasilvia. The weekly bounty in question should have the flavor text from Toland, the Shattered which reads: Crush the first queen’s crown beneath your bootheel.

In order to find the Ascendant Challenge, players will begin at the Divalian Mists fast travel point and then head straight toward Rheasilvia. The track leads between the doorway into the Blind Well and the blue crystal tunnel leading to the Spine of Keres.

Once the Rheasilvia name appears, head right and across the bridge, and then hang a left to see the large building at the edge of Rheasiliva. Enter the building and continue through the winding halls until the large underground cavern is reached; this area has a few buildings (the building on the right has one of the Dreaming City cats). Cut across the cavern to enter another room, this one with a winding stairwell wrapping down the side. Across the room and out on the balcony is a large statue, floating above the statue is the portal to the Ascendant plane.

How to complete the Ascendant Challenge, Maximum Curse

The goal of this Ascendant Challenge is to clear the enemies, kill the three Knights using the sword, and carry the sword to the exit platform. Begin by jumping across the gaps, using the floating rocks as stepping stones, to reach the central arena. Kill all the enemies to free the sword and begin the next phase.

Picking up the sword causes enemies to spawn and one of the Knights to stand up. The only way to damage the Knight is by using the sword, so get in some good hits with the light attack, heavy attack, and super attack. With one Knight down, the next will rise, and so forth. Managing the other enemies is also a priority, as they can easily overwhelm the player.

With all three Knights killed, approach the center pedestal and a portal will spawn on one of the outside arms of the area. Use the rocks to jump across the gaps to reach the last platform. It’s important to note that players must take the sword with them to summon the chest. Dying with the sword, or leaving it behind, will result in the chest not spawning.

The platforms are littered with enemies, so it’s a good idea to send one player across to kill them and have the other player pick up the sword and carry it once the coast is clear. Losing the sword into the abyss means needing to kill the Knights again. Approach the final platform with the sword in hand to summon the chest. Collect the rewards and the Ascendant Challenge will be completed.

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