Crowning Duologue god roll - Destiny 2

Crowning Duologue is here to light some bonfires in this year's Solstice event.


Destiny 2’s Solstice event has arrived to pull us back from the deep waters of Titan and into this year's Summer’s Bonfire Bash.

Crowning Duologue is a Precision Frame, Strand Rocket Launcher and the first of its kind. Due to its Precision Frame, Crowning Duologue doesn’t pack as much punch for endgame content in terms of damage but it can be built towards clearing large waves of enemies with ease.

How to get Crowning Duologue

Crowning Duologue is awarded as a random drop from completions of the Bonfire Bash game mode. You have the chance to receive multiple copies of the launcher after successfully completing a run so good luck in your hunt.

PVE - Crowning Duologue god roll

Crowning Duologoue - PVE
Barrel Linear Compensator (Blast Radius +5, Velocity +5, Stability +5)
Magazine Impact Casing (Stability +10, Impact damage +10 percent)
Perk 1 Demolitionist (Power weapons grant 10 percent grenade ability energy on kill. Using your grenade ability refills the magazine)
Perk 2 Chain Reaction (Each final blow creates an elemental damage explosion matching this weapon)
Origin Trait Dream Work (Assists or assisted kills refill 66% of the magazine. Can only activate once before needing a manual reload. Magazine can overflow, and is always rounded up)
Masterwork Blast Radius +10
Mod Boss Spec

Due to the Precision Frame, Crowning Duologue is not in the conversation for a DPS Rocket Launcher. Instead it can be used to hit areas hard and fast to clear mobs. This roll is the best way to achieve this goal.

With the focus towards clearing large groups of enemies, we need to push Crowning Duologue’s Blast Radius and Velocity. The best barrel for this is Quick Launch which catches both of these stats and provides a much needed boost. We then move to Impact Casing for the impact damage increase. This is a great perk for when Major enemies are surrounded by mobs. You can deal a good chunk of damage to the Major while taking out its minions in one rocket.

Crowning Duologue PVE god roll shown on D2Foundry

Source: D2Foundry

The final two columns are perks that go hand in hand and will give Crowning Duologue some much needed punch when faced with stronger foes. Demolitist and Chain Reaction are the perfect pairing to devastate large groups of enemies. These two perks combine so that any Chain Reaction kill also gives the 10 percent energy return for your grenade. When you then use that grenade, your Crowning Duologue is then refilled from reserves. You can take advantage of that loop to fire multiple rockets at tougher enemies or even quickly move to another group of enemies and clear them out easily.

Some notable things here are Crowing Duologue’s inventory size. If you swap out Demolitionist for Field Prep and equip one reserve mod, Crowing Duologue can carry up to 10 total rockets, one of the highest reserves in the game. Hatchling can replace Chain Reaction if you are using a Threadling focused build, with the area damage of a Rocket Launcher it can easily produce Threadlings from the multi-kills.

PVP - Crowning Duologue god roll

Crowning Duologoue - PVP
Barrel Volatile Launch (Blast Radius +15, Velocity -5, Handling -5)
Magazine Black Powder (Blast Radius +5, Stability -10) 
Perk 1 Impulse Amplifier (Passively grants: 35 percent projectile velocity. Reload +20.)
Perk 2 Cluster Bombs (Explosion releases eight Cluster Bombs)
Origin Trait Dream Work (Assists or assisted kills refill 66% of the magazine. Can only activate once before needing a manual reload. Magazine can overflow, and is always rounded up)
Masterwork Blast Radius +10
Mod Quick Access Sling (Faster ready and stow speed) 

Crowing Duologue starts with some low Blast Radius stats for PVP so in order to get the best out of it, focusing there will help elevate it to a usable level.

Providing the highest boost to Blast Radius in the barrel is Volatile Launch, this is a must due to the significant increase. Pair that up with Black Powder to give +20 to Blast Radius, almost doubling the base stat from the off.

Crowning Duologue PVP god roll shown on D2Foundry

Source: D2Foundry

In the third column Impulse Amplifier stands out for adding to Velocity which gives us an advantage in engagements to ensure our rockets hit the target before they have a chance to react. Cluster Bombs then rounds Crowing Duologue off, making sure extra damage falls around the impact point of the rocket which can be great for clearing up kills when opponents bunch together.

Crowing Duologue may not be the damage king many expected from Destiny 2’s first Strand Rocket Launcher but, with the right perks, there’s a lot to like about this weapon. For more Season of the Deep information and weapon guide content, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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