How to get the Jumpmaster emote - Destiny 2

Purchase the Jumpmaster emote to help support Team Rubicon and the Bungie Foundation.


Bungie continues to support a variety of charities and organizations by selling emotes in Destiny 2. The latest that players can pick up is called Jumpmaster. Sales of this emote goes toward supporting Team Rubicon and the Bungie Foundation.

Jumpmaster emote

The Eververse store showing the Jumpmaster emote

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The Jumpmaster emote is available for purchase in Destiny 2 via the Eververse store. The emote features your Guardian kneeling, listening to their headset, while directing a holographic Ghost to move out and parachute. The emote will set you back 1,000 Silver.

Bungie offered more information behind the Jumpmaster emote in a blog post on September 19, 2023 as well as the September 21 TWID. All profits from the sale of the emote will be split equally between the Bungie Foundation and Team Rubicon.

Players who want to help out a bit more can also pick up the Jumpmaster Ghost Pin. All profits from the pin go to the Bungie Foundation to help support the Humanitarian Aid mission and their partners. This pin will also unlock the special emblem “Look Up” which features a Ghost parachuting through the sky.

The Jumpmaster Pin and Emblem

Source: Bungie

The Jumpmaster emote will be on sale until the end of Season of the Witch. This means you have until November 28, 2023 to purchase the emote to help support Team Rubicon and the Bungie Foundation. Check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more information on other special emotes and emblems.

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