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Here are the locations of all the Region Chests in Neomuna for those digging into Destiny 2: Lightfall.


Region Chests have been forgettable for a few years, but Destiny 2: Lightfall has made them relevant once again. Players who are spending time in this freshly discovered city on Neptune would have encountered a quest called “…To Hero” which requires you to find all the Region Chests on Neptune. Use the links to jump to the area you need:

All Neomuna Region Chests

There are a total of nine Region Chests in Neomuna, with three being found in each of the main regions. Below I’ll provide you with a map image showing the location, then an in-game screenshot so you can see where the chest is located. There’s also the embedded YouTube video above if you’re still struggling.

Zephyr Concourse Region Chest 1

Neomuna Region Chest 1 Location Destiny 2
Neomuna Region Chest 1 Image
The Region Chest is just up on top of the awning shown in the image.

As you take the path from Striders’ Gate, the first Region Chest will be located on your left as you enter Zephyr Concourse. It’s sitting on top of an awning that you can easily reach by using the Strand Grapple ability.

Zephyr Concourse Region Chest 2

Neomuna Region Chest 2 Location
Neomuna Region Chest 2 Image
You can see the bottom of the region chest in the opening where my crosshairs are.

If you consider up on your map to be north, the second Region Chest for Zephyr Concourse is in the southeast part of the area. It’s off the map. You’ll need to make a jump across a gap to a nearby opening in a building.

Zephyr Concourse Region Chest 3

Neomuna Region Chest 3 Location
Neomuna Region Chest 3 Image
Drop down a level and enter through the broken window of a store to reach this chest.

Treating the top of your map as north, the third Region Chest in Zephyr Concourse is on the west side of the map. You’ll spot it in a fitness store, but you can’t get in. Drop down to the level below, find the broken window, then follow the path into the store.

Liming Harbor Region Chest 1

Neomuna Region Chest 4 Location
Neomuna Region Chest 4 Image
Up on some pipes inside the building you'll find this Region Chest.

When you first spawn in at the nearby fast travel point, the first Region Chest is to your left (west if up on your map is north). Head into the nearby building and find the chest up on some pipes.

Liming Harbor Region Chest 2

Neomuna Region Chest 5 Location
Neomuna Region Chest 5 Image
Jump between the building and the objects to its left and find the chest on the platform.

The second Region Chest is on the very west of Liming Harbor if you treat the top of the map as north. You’ll need to jump up between a building and some large structures next to it to find the chest on some makeshift scaffolding.

Liming Harbor Region Chest 3

Neomuna Region Chest 6 Location
Neomuna Region Chest 6 Image
Jump between the blades to find the Region Chest sitting on a platform.

The third Region Chest in Liming Harbor is on the very north side if the north is up on your map. You’ll see some huge fan blades spinning around. You need to jump between them and onto a platform to grab the chest.

Ahimsa Park Region Chest 1

Neomuna Region Chest 7 Location
Neomuna Region Chest 7 Image
You can use the Grapple ability to easily reach the Region Chest partly visible on the side of the building.

On the very south end of Ahimsa Park if the north is the top of your map you’ll find a large building. On the side of the building is an awning, and the Region Chest is located on top.

Ahimsa Park Region Chest 2

Neomuna Region Chest 8 Location
Neomuna Region Chest 8 Image
There's a path where my crosshairs are and tucked away underground is a Region Chest.

There’s a Region Chest to be found on the north end of Ahimsa Park, a short distance away from Calus’ ugly ship. There’s a path leading down the side of the map where you’ll find the chest underground.

Ahimsa Park Region Chest 3

Neomuna Region Chest 9 Location
Neomuna Region Chest 9 Image
Head toward my crosshair and drop down through a crack. The chest is tucked into a corner. This one is sneaky, so check the video above if you need it.

The final Region Chest in Ahimsa Park is found right next to Calus’ ship. It’s difficult to find, but it’s underground somewhat and tucked into a corner.

Those are all the Region Chests Neomuna has to offer. If you’ve collected them all you’ve progressed the “…To Hero” quest and you’re onto the next step. For all your Lightfall needs, try our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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