Where to Find Dusklight Shards in Destiny 2

Learn where to find Dusklight Shards in Destiny 2 and the best way to farm them quickly.


Dusklight Shards in Destiny 2 are a European Dead Zone planetary item that is used to increase your ranking with Devrim Kay, and as of Forsaken, used in weapon and armor infusion. Players running low on Dusklight Shards will need to know the optimal way to get a whole stack of Dusklight Shards quickly, and preferably cheaply. 

Where to find Dusklight Shards

As mentioned above, Dusklight Shards are found all over the European Dead Zone (EDZ). Though they are a common occurrence, finding enough to infuse a weapon or piece of armor can take a long time, especially if players require Dusklight for multiple pieces of gear. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get Dusklight Shards:

  • Collect from the ground
  • Loot planetary chests
  • Complete Public Events
  • Defeat high priority targets
  • Purchase from Spider in the Tangled Shore

The easiest of these methods is definitely going to be visiting Spider in the Tangled Shore. However, Spider has a rotating inventory, meaning that one day he may not be selling Dusklight Shards, while another day he might be selling them for Glimmer or even a Legendary Shard. This can quickly become an expensive purchase, though it is going to save a lot of time running around the EDZ. 

Players that have a dwindling Glimmer and Legendary Shard supply will probably prefer to head to the EDZ and farm some Dusklight Shards instead. The best way to do this is to find the crystals in the wild and pick them up, then find the nearest loading zone (often located between two areas) and pass through it. Once you reach the new area, turn around and head back to the crystal and, if done correctly, it can be collected again.

A good place to perform this exploit is in Maevic Square, the area to the east of the Trostland fast travel point. The reason for this is because of Maevic Square’s size: it’s relatively small but offers a lot of potential spawn points for Dusklight Shards.

Start at the Trostland spawn point and head to the right side of the church, being sure to take the path that leads towards Maevic Square. Once you enter Maevic Square, search the area for a Dusklight Shard and collect it. As soon as you collect the Dusklight Shard, turn around and head back to Trostland. When you see the Trostland area load, turn around and head back to the Dusklight Shard and collect it again. To make collecting Dusklight Shards easier, find a Ghost that has the EDZ Resource Detector perk, as this highlights the Dusklight on the HUD.

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