Wanted: Arcane Mind - Destiny 2

Track down and destroy the Vex Wanted target, the Arcane Mind, for Spider in Destiny 2.


The Arcane Mind is one of Spider’s Wanted bounty targets in Destiny 2. This wondering Vex Hydra resides in Nessus, but hunting it down can prove to be troublesome thanks to it being a non-guaranteed world spawn. If you’re deadest on tracking down all of these targets, hunting the Arcane Mind could be one of the more time-consuming.

Wanted: Arcane Mind – Nessus, The Cistern

Arcane Mind is lurking around the Cistern on Nessus. This is not one of Nessus’ Lost Sectors, but an actual open area, full of Vex, Cabal, and Fallen all fighting one another. Unfortunately, because it’s not a Lost Sector, it means that Arcane Mind will not always be there when you arrive.

Arcane Mind wanted bounty Destiny 2

The best way to actually hunt and kill the Arcane Mind is to wait around the area. This can be extremely tedious and a massive waste of time. To make better use of your time, collect some bounties from Failsafe and do some patrols in the area.

arcane mind destiny 2

As for where exactly the Arcane Mind spawns, it could be random, but we’ve had luck catching it at the bottom of the big ramp that leads up to the Conflux. This is the just to the left of the fast travel location. The target usually comes from the direction of the Vex Radiolarian fluid.

In terms of killing this Wanted target, use anything. But the time you’re hunting these targets, you should be at a stage where these pose literally no threat. For your efforts in killing it, you will receive some XP (hooray for leveling up the Season Pass), Glimmer (for all those bounties you’ll be buying), and a precious Enhancement Core for Masterworking your gear.

With the Arcane Mind Wanted target hunted, ensure you farm some more Ghost Fragments and visit the Tangled Shore for more of Spider’s Wanted bounties. You can also check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more enemy locations.

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