How to get Strange Coins in 2024 - Destiny 2

Strange Coins are back like it's 2014, Guardian, and I'm going to tell you how to get them.


With the Final Shape expansion now live, our weekend warrior, Xur, finally got the overhaul he needed. Not only is the Agent of the Nine showing up in new locations, but he’s also received a complete vendor refresh from what you remember. Unless of course you started with Destiny in 2014, in which case things might actually be somewhat familiar. Yes, Strange Coins are back and we’re going to party like it's The Dark Below.

How to get Strange Coins

An image showing the Favor of the Nine buff in Destiny 2
Completing Ritual activities in Destiny 2 will reward players with Strange Coins, with the Favor of the Nine buff possibly increasing those rewards.

Strange Coins are earned by completing activities in the Ritual playlist, including Vanguard Ops, Gambit, and Crucible. Each time you complete an activity (or Crucible match), you’ll earn up to 4 Strange Coins. So far, through my testing, the least number of Strange Coins an activity completion has granted me was 2. I received 4 Strange Coins for every Vanguard Ops I completed, but only 2 for a Crucible loss, and 3 for a Crucible win. More testing will be required to nail down the exact drop rates, and if they are random, but for now expect 2-4 Strange Coins for a Ritual playlist activity completion.

If you want to bump the number of Strange Coins you can earn per activity completion, visit Xur and pick up his Favor of the Nine buff (shown in the image above). This buff will require you to spend 47 Strange Coins, but the buff will give you a chance at one additional Strange Coin every time you earn one. The buff can be stacked multiple times, so you could theoretically up your Strange Coin stash in short order.

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