Where to find Pursuits and Bounties in Destiny 2

The location of your Pursuits and Bounties has been moved to a new place in Destiny 2 thanks to the Season of Opulence.


Pursuits and Bounties now have a new home in Destiny 2 with Season of Opulence. These all-important quest items have been shifted out of the Inventory and now take up residence elsewhere in the game. This move isn’t purely cosmetic, there are some accessibility benefits and some size increases that come with their new home.

Where to find Pursuits and Bounties

Some players might be in for a surprise when searching for the Pursuits and Bounties they saved up from Season of the Drifter. With the introduction of Season of Opulence, both of these quest items have been removed from the Inventory menu and placed in the Director.

Destiny 2 Pursuits and Bounties
Your Pursuits, Bounties, and quest items have been moved out of your inventory and into the Director.

To find your Pursuits and Bounties, open up the Director and tab over to the left. The Director is where you will find the Roster, Destinations, Map, and your Pursuits tab. This should make it easier to switch between finding Challenges to complete and working out where to go for Bounties.

The Pursuits tab has received an update with this shift, which makes it far more accessible. You will now be able to hold 63 quest items, an increase of 13 from the previous 50. With new Pinnacle weapon quests being added each season, this should make it easier for some players to keep them all active, especially those unable to finish them quickly.

Given that these quest items now have more space, each one actually includes a little blurb of what to do, meaning you don’t need to hover over all of them to see the next step.

Organizing the Pursuits tab

One of the perks of Pursuits and Bounties being in the Director is organization. The new Pursuits tab allows you to sort your quest items in a few ways: show all your items, just the Quests, or just the Bounties. This will allow you to easily track Bounties as you complete them without cluttering up the screen with long-form quests.

The other filter allows you to sort by Rarity or Newest. Rarity will put Exotic and Legendary Quests and Bounties first while Newest sorts by pick-up time.

The new location of Pursuits, Bounties, and quest items might take a few players by surprise. Thankfully, the new Pursuits tab isn’t hidden deep within the menu, which should help those playing on console avoid significant load times. For more helpful articles, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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