How to farm Dark Ether Tincture - Destiny 2

The best way to get Dark Ether Tincture in Warlord's Ruin for the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest in Destiny 2.


Dark Ether Tincture is a new type of enemy drop that is needed to progress a new quest in Destiny 2 called In the Shadow of the Mountain. This quest was introduced with the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. While it’s possible to get a decent supply by just playing the dungeon, some players may find themselves stuck on a step needing to collect a bunch of the stuff. The good news is that there is a nifty farming method available.

Farm Dark Ether Tincture

The best way to farm Dark Ether Tincture is to attack the Thieving Wretches that appear at specific moments in Warlord’s Ruin. There is one of these mini boss enemies at the very start of the dungeon. It runs across the first rope bridge, and if you’re quick enough, you can attack it from a distance or up close.

As Esoterickk notes in his video, do not kill the Thieving Wretch. Instead, rush over to the bridge and attack it as it runs across. Before it reaches the other side, jump off the bridge to wipe. This will respawn you at the start of the dungeon and the Thieving Wretch will also respawn. If you defeat the Screeb or take too long to wipe, it will disappear and you'll need to attack it at its next location.

This Screeb mini boss has a few spawn locations in the dungeon. If you need to find the Ahamkara bones and get Dark Ether Tincture, it’s probably worth killing it and trying to get it at the other locations as you do a full run:

  1. First rope bridge
  2. In the maze after the prison
  3. After the second boss fight on the cliffs

You will need to farm Dark Ether Tinctures a few times during the quest. Whenever you get all the available Hefnd bones for one step, go back to the start of the dungeon and farm the first Thieving Wretch until you can move on. Check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more dungeon guides.

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