Onslaught boss schedule & rotation - Destiny 2

Track what Onslaught boss is coming up next so you can knock out all the Triumphs for the mode in Destiny 2.


Onslaught features 50 waves of enemies to clear, with every 10 of those waves seeing players face a boss. But the real kicker is the final wave, where players will know exactly the boss they are going to face, provided they know the schedule. In the event you don’t know the Onslaught boss schedule for Destiny 2 off the top of your head, then we’ve got you covered.

Onslaught boss schedule

The following is a full schedule for the Onslaught boss rotation. The boss changes every weekly reset and will rotate through all three before starting again. You can always check what the boss is in-game by selecting the Legend difficulty and scrolling through the modifiers. But sometimes you don’t have access to the game or you might want to know what one is available the following week.

Onslaught boss schedule 2024
Weekly Reset Onslaught boss
April 9 Siegehook Ogre
April 16 Fallen Warpriest
April 23 Fieldrazer Tormentor
April 30 Siegehook Ogre
May 7 Fallen Warpriest
May 14 Fieldrazer Tormentor
May 21 Siegehook Ogre
May 28 Fallen Warpriest
June 4 Fieldrazer Tormentor
June 11 Siegehook Ogre
June 18 Fallen Warpriest
June 25 Fieldrazer Tormentor
July 2 Siegehook Ogre
July 9 Fallen Warpriest
July 16 Fieldrazer Tormentor
July 23 Siegehook Ogre
July 30 Fallen Warpriest
August 6 Fieldrazer Tormentor
August 13 Siegehook Ogre
August 20 Fallen Warpriest
August 27 Fieldrazer Tormentor
September 3 Siegehook Ogre
September 10 Fallen Warpriest
September 17 Fieldrazer Tormentor
September 24 Siegehook Ogre
October 1 Fallen Warpriest
October 8 Fieldrazer Tormentor
Ocotober 15 Siegehook Ogre
October 22 Fallen Warpriest
October 29 Fieldrazer Tormentor
November 5 Siegehook Ogre
November 12 Fallen Warpriest
November 19 Fieldrazer Tormentor
November 26 Siegehook Ogre
December 3 Fallen Warpriest
December 10 Fieldrazer Tormentor
December 17 Siegehook Ogre
December 24 Fallen Warpriest
December 31 Fieldrazer Tormentor

Defeating all of the bosses in Onslaught is going to take roughly the same sort of strategy. Don’t get hit by it, move away from it when it comes near you, and keep clearing enemies. For those playing on Legend, be careful, as there’s nothing worse than wiping on wave 50. The good news is that you don’t need to play on Legend to get the BRAVE Title.

With the Onslaught boss schedule secured, you can now plan out what week you definitely want to try and hit wave 50. This is especially true given that Bungie is looking to buff the rewards for making it to the end. Read over our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help with Into the Light, other seasons, and upcoming expansions.

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