How to Get the Enigmatic Exotic Ship Blueprint in Destiny 2 Whisper Quest

Following Whisper of the Worm, Destiny 2 players have a new quest involving hidden chests, Vex gates, and oracles that all lead to the exotic ship Enigmatic Blueprint.


While the quest for the Black Spindle might have spent weeks occupying Destiny 2 players' imaginations, the new Whisper of the Worm quest line is currently occupying their latest efforts. Guardians across the world are seeking out the exotic Whisper of the Worm sniper rifle, and the road to the new weapon is one that will eventually lead players to acquire an Enigmatic Blueprint for a new exotic ship. Completing the quest and unlocking the ship schematic involves a few steps, the likes of which we've spelled out below.

The Whisper on Heroic - Five Hidden Chests

The first step toward earning the Enigmatic Blueprint requires completing The Whisper as part of the Io public event (the mission that rewards Whisper of the Worm). With the mission complete, a Heroic version of The Whisper can be accessed through The Director. Navigate to Io and select the Heroic version as signified by the blue banner on the left of the map. 

This Heroic version of The Whisper includes higher-level enemies and an elemental singe, as well as five hidden chests, a Vex gate, and oracles. The five hidden chests are scattered throughout the level:

  • The first chest is before the start of the jumping puzzle. Look for the first red light, and before jumping down, look to the right to spot a hole in the wall.
  • The second chest is in the room with the white vents, enter the far left vent at the back of the room.
  • The third chest is on the ground floor of the green room, through a crack in the wall on the left.
  • The fourth chest is at the top of the green room, along the "normal" path that requires jumping to the top of the room.
  • The last chest is found past the Vex gate.

The first hidden chest can be found near the start of the massive jumping puzzle. Just after making the first leap but before dropping down to the ledge, look near the right-hand side of the wall to spot a small alcove with the chest inside.

The second hidden chest is located within the rooms with the different tunnels filled with white light. Normally Guardians would be heading toward the one on the far right-hand side of the room; instead, look for the tunnel on the left-hand side, toward the top at the back of the area. Walk inside the tunnel and drop down to find the second chest.

The third hidden chest is in the area with the grassy stone floors separated by a massive canyon. As soon as you enter the room, hug the left-hand side to find a crevice, enter it, go all the way to the back and turn left again, a small hole in the wall should be visible, through here is the chest.

The fourth hidden chest is in the grassy green room, at the very top of  the room on the "normal" path. This route requires players to use the small grassy ledges around the perimeter of the room to jump to the very top, right above the entrance. Once at the top, look down between the wall to spot another green ledge, this one leads to a small passage where the hidden chest can be found.

The fifth and final hidden chest can be found by continuing through the jumping puzzle to the section with the thin ledge that wraps around a circular wall. Instead of following the thin ledge along, look to the right to spot a series of platforms leading off into the fog. Jump to these platforms to spot a Vex gate in the distance. Head to the Vex gate and look behind it to spot a small pillar, jump to the small pillar, then the blocks to the right, and then turn the corner to spy the chest on the next platform over.

The Whisper Oracle Spawn Order

With all five hidden chests found, players can return to the Vex gate to find seven oracles that must be killed in a specific order. All chests must be found and looted or else all the oracles won't spawn and the Enigmatic Blueprint cannot be unlocked. Watch the oracles flicker in and out, and after a few moments, all seven will appear. The oracles must be killed in a specific order, and the numbers below represent each oracle starting from left to right:

  • 1, 3, 5
  • 4, 6, 7, 3, 1
  • 7, 3, 1, 6, 4, 2, 5

When the oracles have been shot in the proper order for each of the three rounds, a sixth and final chest will appear near the Vex Gate. Open it to find the Enigmatic Blueprint, a set of schematics for an exotic ship. The work isn't over yet, though — in order to complete the Enigmatic Blueprint, The Whisper quest must be completed on the Heroic version using all three elemental modifiers. Only one modifier is active per week.

Completing The Enigmatic Blueprint - Arc Singe, Solar Singe, Void Singe

Looking at the Enigmatic Blueprint, Guardians will note a description stating that The Whisper must be completed along with three weekly, elemental modifiers: Arc Singe, Solar Singe, and Void Singe. Each of these modifiers will be changed with Destiny 2 weekly resets, meaning players will have to complete the mission once each week to mark off the requirement for each elemental singe. As such, it could take up to three weeks to complete the blueprint, assuming players are able to take down the mission after each weekly reset.

We haven't been able to complete the Enigmatic Blueprint just yet — technically, no one has, but we'll be sure to update this guide with more information on completing the exotic ship blueprint as it becomes available. For more in-depth coverage, be sure to stop by Shacknews' extensive Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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