Who is Mithrax, the Forsaken in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2: Forsaken could see a Guardian and Fallen alliance centered around Mithrax, the Forsaken.


Put on those spinfoil hats, Guardians, because Bungie has teased Year 2 of Destiny 2 with a short clip on Twitter that revealed the DLC will be called Forsaken. As is usually the case with Destiny 2, the community is all over this, and it looks like the name of the DLC ties into some of the vanilla content from Destiny 2 and hints at what could be coming, which is an alliance with the Fallen that centers around Mithrax, the Forsaken, a Captain from the House of Dusk.

Mithrax, the Forsaken

The base game of Destiny 2 included a world quest on Titan called Enemy of My Enemy. This line was made up of series of missions (six in total) that Guardians could embark on. The fifth mission in the bunch was called Chances and Choices. In that mission, players are tasked with retrieving a reactor. Near its conclusion, Guardians can witness a Hive Knight fighting with a Fallen Captain named Mithrax, the Forsaken. Guardians can let this play out, kill them both, or kill the Hive Knight. If the Knight is killed and the Captain spared, he will give the reactor to players and run away, leaving the Guardians unharmed. It’s a brief and uneasy alliance, but still a cool moment.

We already know that the DLC that kicks off Year 2 of Destiny 2 will be called Forsaken, but the video clip also shows a location that appears to be the Reef. The Reef, as veterans of the original Destiny will recall, featured a Fallen Vandal named Variks. Variks acted as the NPC representative for the Prison of Elders. I’m speculating here, but perhaps Variks is going to facilitate this potential alliance between Mithrax, the Forsaken and Guardians?

The brief clip also shows Cayde-6 arriving at the Reef, which suggests he could play a big role in the DLC, but Cayde-6 also has ties to the Fallen in the form of an uneasy alliance of his own.

There is a Grimoire card from the original Destiny called Cayde-6 Reminisces. In it, he describes an encounter on the Moon where he was faced with an overwhelming number of Hive. As he was fighting them off, he noticed a Fallen Baroness who was alone. Without speaking, they teamed up to fight off the Fallen. That story has a bit of a tragic ending, but it sets a precedent for uneasy and brief alliances between Guardians and Fallen.

Okay, okay, I'll tell the story about that one Fallen.

It didn't happen like that. We didn't, you know, do anything actively - no handshake, no icy stare of grudging mutual respect. I don't even know which hand you would shake. Do they shake hands? It must be complicated.

Anyway, it was like this. I was on the Moon. I cracked a Hive structure near Mare Imbrium, looking for a Shrine, and they just - swarmed. Ranks and ranks and ranks of Thrall, pouring out between the columns, but the columns were Knights, and all the shadows behind them rose up hissing sorcery.

Of course I ran.

I had a line of egress and while yes it was full of Thrall I had a backup too. I went upslope. Took cover in the shadow of a crashed Phaeton. Emptied my machine gun, ducked down to reload, and saw her at the other end of the hull, killing Thrall: a Fallen in Exile colors, bannered in the marks of a Baron, though the flags were claw-torn and stained with Hive ash. She was alone. I think she must have lost her crew.

I didn't really have time to shoot her and she didn't really have time to shoot me so we just went back to killing Hive. Knights pushed me out into the open and back up the range to a high stone saddle in the shadow of an old interferometry array. It was good ground so she came up there too.

For a while we just killed things which is hard to make interesting in a story so I'll pass it over.

At the end the Wizards came. I climbed the array to get an angle on them and she fell back to the base of the antennae where she broke her swords off in a Knight. I saw that happen and I don't know if I can tell you how I felt. She was another living thing with a mind I could understand and she hadn't howled at me or tried to eat my Ghost. I cheered when the Knight went down.

When I came down, empty on all guns, she was slumped against a bulkhead staring at me with all her tiny black eyes. Ether leaking out of her like smoke. The Knight hadn't died easily. Downslope the last Wizard moved like fire behind another line of Thrall.

I looked at her and wondered how many innocent human lives she'd ended on those broken blades.

She did the strangest thing then. Took the last shock pistol from her bandolier and threw it between us, as if to offer it. When I went to pick it up she tried to knife me, but she was slow, and when I broke her arms and opened her throat she didn't seem surprised.

To this day I wonder if she hated me, or wanted to make me kill her, or just felt she should spare me the choice.

I did kill a few Thrall with that pistol.

Source: Destiny Grimoire

On a personal note of pure speculation, an alliance with the Fallen makes a lot of sense. The Hive are too demonic and uncontrollable, the Vex are endlessly running simulations and can’t be reasoned with, and there’s no way I’m shaking hands with the Cabal after the nonsense they just pulled. The Fallen, however, are the most human-like faction in the Destiny universe besides humans and Guardians themselves. They also have ties to the Traveler, so if there would be any alliance to form based on the lore, I think that’s the one.

We won’t have to wait long to hear more about Mithrax, the Forsaken and what Year 2 will have in store for Destiny 2. The Forsaken reveal will take place on June 5, 2018 at 9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT on the Bungie Twitch channel. In the meantime, visit the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for information on the life of being a Guardian.

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