What to do with Transmutation spheres - Destiny 2

Learn what you can do with Transmutation spheres that drop from Ruinous Effigy kills in Destiny 2.


Well, Guardian, don’t accuse Bungie of not making unique Exotic weapons in Destiny 2. The most recent is Ruinous Effigy, and this fun little Trace Rifle drops some Void balls every time you score a kill with it. If you’re wondering what to do with the Transmutation spheres on the ground in Destiny 2, we’ve got you covered with this guide.

Transmutation spheres

Transmutation Spheres Destiny 2

Each time you get a kill with Ruinous Effigy, a Transmutation sphere will drop on the ground. If you walk up to it, you can pick this sphere up and carry it around. You can even use it to your benefit in both PvE and in the Crucible.

  • Light attack: LMB, R1/RB
  • Heavy attack: RMB, R2/RT
  • Guard/Drain: Side MB, L2/LT

On PC, the Guard/Drain could vary depending on your mouse. For me it’s the mouse button on the left side of my mouse by my thumb. Depending on how many buttons are on your mouse, this might vary. If you want to test it out, take your Ruinous Effigy to the EDZ and give it a whirl while you nail down the controls and possibly rebind it to something more comfortable.

The light attack is as you’d expect; a fast attack that can be executed quickly to take out a Guardian in the Crucible. It took me three hits to take out a Guardian, so I'm not sure it holds any beneft over the heavy attack.

The heavy attack is where it’s at. This takes longer to execute, but it causes your Guardian to jump into the air and slam the Transmutation sphere into the ground, killing anything close to it. This can be incredibly useful in close quarters when you're outnumbered and unlikely to win a straight gun battle. Smash the Transmutation sphere into the ground and there's a solid chance you'll take out anyone close by.

The Guard/Drain is also interesting. It’s almost like a mini Titan bubble that any Guardian can deploy. It will drain enemies within its radius, but it also appears to provide minor protection from incoming damage. Imagine defeating a Guardian on a flag, picking up the Transmutation sphere, and then using the Guard/Drain to protect yourself and teammates from some damage.

It's also worth noting that your teammates can also pick up your created Transmutation spheres. If you take someone out, your buddy can pick up the ball of death and perform the same moves you could if you’d picked it up.

Now that you understand how Transmutation spheres work, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help with everything the game has to offer.

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