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Learn where to find the Prince of Yul in Destiny 2, one of Spider's many Wanted bounty targets.


Spider has a lot of wanted bounties in Destiny 2 and one of them requires the killing of the Prince of Yul. This mysterious escapee is difficult to find, and any player looking to clear a bunch of Spider’s bounties (such as for the Bastion quest) will want to know where to find the Prince of Yul to get it done quickly.

Prince of Yul location

The Prince of Yul is in the Jetsam of Saturn on the Tangled Shore. This area is to the left of Thieves’ Landing, the fast travel point used to visit the Spider in his little den.

destiny 2 prince of yul location
The Prince of Yul is found in the Jetsam of Saturn on the Tangled Shore. This Wanted target is only available in the Cryo-Pod public event.

But the Prince of Yul isn’t found wandering around the area. This pesky Wanted criminal is actually the escape from the Cryo-pod public event in the Jetsam of Saturn. What this means is that in order to complete this bounty, you must wait around for the Public Event to begin.

While Spider’s Wanted bounty for the Prince of Yul might say kill or defeat, you don’t actually need to kill this Hive Knight. In fact, you can turn the Cryo-pod Public Event Heroic and still complete the bounty, which is excellent as Heroic Public Events count for two during the Strong Arm section of the Bastion quest.

Destiny 2 Prince of Yul
The Prince of Yul is the name of the Hive Knight that steps out of the Prison of Elders Cryo-Pod.

To turn the Cryo-pod Public Event Heroic, you will need to pay close attention to the actual pod. After dealing a bit of damage to the Hive Knight, a couple of vents on the side will start steaming. Shoot off the caps to reveal an icy charge. Grab the charge and throw it at the Prince of Yul.

Throwing one charge isn’t enough to turn the event Heroic. You will need to throw both charges and then deal more damage to him to cause the next set of vents to steam. Break open a third vent and throw the charge to freeze the Hive Knight. Now the event should be Heroic!

Whether you kill the Prince of Yul or freeze him, once the Public Event ends, the Wanted bounty for his defeat will be completed. Take a look at the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more Wanted bounty target locations.

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