Iron Banner Season 11 quest guide - Destiny 2

A complete guide to quickly and efficiently finishing the Iron Banner Season 11 quest, Red-Hot Iron in Destiny 2.


The Iron Banner is back in Season 11 and with it comes a new quest for Guardians to complete. This Iron Banner Season 11 quest guide will help you blast through the steps and get your hands on all the rewards.

Last Updated: September 8, 2020 at 1:22 p.m. PT.

Iron Banner: Red-Hot Iron

Iron Banner Season 11 Quest Destiny 2

The Iron Banner Season 11 quest name is Red-Hot Iron, and it breaks down into various quest steps that we’ll outline here.

Step 1: Old Reliables

Iron Banner Red-Hot Iron Quest

This step requires Guardians to defeat opponents in the Iron Banner using Sidearms and Auto Rifles, with precision kills granting the most efficient progress. Use whatever works best for you here. It should be noted that this quest step is currently bugged, as defeats don’t provide progress. You must get final blows to earn progress.

  • Sidearm 0/25
  • Auto Rifle 0/25

Securing Provisions

Once you've slogged through the first and only real step, the final task to complete Red-Hot Iron. Just head back to Lord Shaxx and collect your rewards.

Season 11 Iron Banner Bounties

In addition to the quest, each Iron Banner has four Iron Banner Bounties, and each one awards a Pinnacle Gear reward. It's important to note that Pinnacle Gear should not be redeemed until you've either reached that season's max Power level (without Pinnacle Gear), or until you've exhausted all your Powerful sources for the week.

Around the Fire Iron Banner Bounty

Around Fire Iron Banner Bounty
  • Zones Captured - 0%

This one is easy. Just go stand on the flag. Hopefully some of your teammates will stand there with you. It's as easy as that. Hang out in the flag zone and capture them.

Maneuver Warfare Iron Banner Bounty

Maneuver Warfare Iron Banner Bounty
  • Opponents Defeated - 0%

For progress here, you've got to defeat opponents while your team holds two of the three zones. Honestly, this is the entire point of the Control game mode. You get bonus progress when you're on the hunt (all three zones held and the flags locked). This should work itself out as you're focusing on the quest or other Iron Banner Bounties.

Victory Banners Iron Banner Bounty

Victory Banners Iron Banner Bounty
  • Matches Completed - 0%

Just play rounds in the Iron Banner to complete this. You'll finish it faster if you win, but it'll finish itself even if you don't win that much. Just let it happen and don't stress about it. This is literally a participation medal.

The Rout Iron Banner Bounty

The Rout Iron Banner Bounty
  • Opponents Defeated - 0%

This one is all about defeating opponents, but you earn extra progress for final blows and for defeating Guardians with a higher Power level. For this, I lowered my Power to about 980. That seems to be enough, but you can always bring up the roster in a given match and check the Power levels of other Guardians for a better idea of what you should aim for.

Iron Confidence Iron Banner bounty

iron confidence bounty iron banner destiny 2
  • 250 Opponents defeated

Much like the previous bounty, Iron Confidence requires players defeat other opponents during a match. The difference here is that you receive more progress for using Energy weapons, Power weapons, and defeating opponents with higher Power. This should make it far easier to complete than The Rout.

An Arsenal of Tricks

An Arsenal of Tricks Iron Banner Destiny 2
  • 250 Defeat opponents with abilities

You should be seeing a pattern here. An Arsenal of Tricks has you defeating players during an Iron Banner match using abilities. However, you will earn bonus progress from Super kills and defeating enemies that are a higher Power level than you. You'll earn yourself some Pinnacle Gear for your efforts as well as 50 Iron Banner Tokens.

That's all the work to be done in the Season 11 Iron Banner quest. For more guides, hit up our Destiny 2 strategy guide and take a few days off to read through all our content.

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