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Lunafaction Boots are a once-great Warlock Exotic armor piece in Destiny 2 that still shine in some circumstances.


Lunafaction Boots were once upon a time a must-use item for Warlocks in Destiny 2. While they may have fallen from an S-tier rank, they’re still worth putting on for those occasions where a faster reload speed is needed.

Lunafaction Boots

These trusty boots might not have the same power as they did when first released, but the Lunafaction Boots are still a pretty good option. Often in boss fights, a team’s DPS is limited by how fast they can reload. By improving reload speeds, you can significantly improve the damage output of your team. If you get your hands on this Warlock Exotic armor, consider using it to help your allies.

Alchemical Etchings

destiny 2 lunafaction boots perk alchemical etchings

Lunafaction Boots, and Titan Barricades for that matter, used to be beyond the most powerful tools in PVE content. The reason for this is that they used to automatically reload weapons. Unfortunately, this rendered a lot of other gear near useless. To address this, Bungie overhauled the boots, giving them an additional bonus while not making the reload perk so dominate.

  • Alchemical Etchings – Your Rifts gain the additional ability to increase weapon reload speeds. Empowering Rift makes weapons effective over longer ranges.

Speeding up reload speeds, while not as fast as an instant reload, is still a great option for a lot of situations in Destiny 2. Furthermore, pushing out the ranges of weapons when in an Empowering Rift ensures effective damage at greater ranges.

When to use Lunafaction Boots

destiny 2 lunafaction boots

Lunafaction Boots are only really viable in PVE content. Though they will help increase reload speed in Crucible, rarely do you want to stay in the one spot long enough to warrant greater reload speed. Furthermore, it’s unlikely you’ll need more than a single magazine to kill an enemy player. For this reason, take them off before you enter Crucible, Competitive, and even Trials.

With that out of the way, Lunafaction Boots are best used in PVE content where you will be in one spot for an extended period of time. Because you’re staying still, you will be able to take advantage of the reload speed granted by the boots via a Rift and even a Well of Radiance. These instances include boss damage phases and public events or activities where a spot must be held.

Outside of damage phases, it’s likely a good idea to remove the boots and use another Warlock Exotic armor piece.

How to get Lunafaction Boots

Much like other pieces of Exotic armor, Lunafaction Boots are only available randomly from world drops or from Xur. Playing activities like Nightfall: The Ordeal, raids, and other end-game activities that have a chance to drop Exotics is a good idea. Even Prime Engrams can decrypt into Exotics.

Lunafaction Boots lore

destiny 2 lunafaction boots lore

“I thank you for the gift of these atoms. I will use them well.” – The Stoic

Combat is a craft and an art form. The more one masters their craft and pushes the boundaries of their art the better they understand them. After all, expertise is born of dedicated time spent focused on a subject. And we are focused.

The Titans would have you believe that victory is won through brute force – skill plus courage plus ammunition and clenched fists. Would that it were so simple. It is not. We know this because we have studied and we have practiced. Skill can be countered. Courage can waver. And firepower is a finite necessity that must be replenished.

But, what if firepower could be made infinite?

Though they don’t shine quite like they used to, Lunafaction Boots are still a decent Exotic. For the Warlocks out there looking to use them, pop them on for boss fights or when you need to hold an area, then swap them for something else. For more Exotic armor overviews, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide.

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