How to Masterwork crafted weapons - Destiny 2

Discover how to Masterwork a crafted weapon, giving it a golden border and the iconic stat boost in Destiny 2.


Getting a crafted weapon to Masterwork status in Destiny 2 is a little bit different to normal. Typically, players would just spend Enhancement Cores and resources to increase a weapon’s tier. However with crafted weapons, they don’t receive this intrinsic trait and so must become Masterwork with a gold border through other means.

How to Masterwork crafted weapons for a golden border

destiny 2 masterwork crafted weapon
Crafted weapons can be Masterworked, giving them a golden border, bonus stats, and enhanced perks.

In order to Masterwork your crafted weapon and give it a golden border, you need to reshape it and give it two Enhanced Traits. Note that the stat boost is tied to the weapon frame. This means you must unlock enhanced perks for your gun. To do this you must level up your gun. Here’s a guide on Quickly level up crafted weapons and another for the weapon XP percentage per activity.

Once you have the Enhanced perks you want unlocked, you must go to the Enclave in Savathun’s Throne World and use the Relic to reshape your weapon. This is all part of the crafting system in Destiny 2. Applying an Enhanced Trait requires Ascendant Alloy, which means you will need two.

destiny 2 masterwork crafted weapon stat boost
The stat boost is tied to the weapon frame.

A Masterworked crafted weapon will receive a golden border, the Enhanced Perks, as well as the typical stat boost associated with Masterworked weapons. This stat boost is not reflected in the UI with the exception being when you’re crafting the weapon. You won’t see the golden chunk on the stats (like the +10 Range) but it is in effect. On top of this, when the weapon hits Level 20, it will receive another minor stat boost. 

There’s still a lot to learn about crafted weapons, especially when it comes to Masterworking one. However, putting in the time to get your ideal gun is worth the effort. You’ll walk away with a more powerful weapon and a bunch of golden borders. Stop by our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more information.

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