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Bump in the Night brings a unique flavour to the current damage meta with its unique perk combinations and Stasis element.


Bump in the Night is a Stasis Rocket Launcher first introduced in Season of the Haunted and has now made its return as a potential drop in the Exotic mission, Presage. Sporting an Aggressive Frame, Bump in the Night comes with some unique roll combinations for its archetype. Certain combinations have pushed Bump in the Night to be somewhat of a dark horse when it comes to dealing big damage to some of Destiny 2’s toughest enemies. Furthermore, Bump in the Night can be crafted, allowing Guardians to hook it up with enhanced perks.

How to get Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night is obtainable from the mission Presage when it is active within the weekly Exotic Mission Rotator. Take a look at our Exotic Mission Rotator schedule so you know when Presage is available.

Earning a Bump in the Night from Presage has a chance for it to drop with Deepsight Resonance. This will help you earn patterns allowing you to eventually unlock the craftable version and its enhanced perks.

PVE - Bump in the Night god roll

Bump in the Night is a perfect addition to any Fireteam running endgame activities in PVE. This setup will make your Guardian a menace for Champions and bosses alike by causing freeze and shatter damage to your opponents.

Bump in the Night - PVE
Barrel Quick Launch (Velocity +10, Handling +15)
Magazine Impact Casing (Stability +10, direct impact damage increased by 10 percent)
Perk 1 Tracking Module (While aiming down sights, rockets track enemies)
Perk 2 Chill Clip (While above 50 percent Magazine: direct hits create a Stasis burst which applies 50 Slow to enemies within its radius)
Origin Trait Extrovert (While surrounded by enemies or within range of a Nightmare within kills restore HP)
Masterwork Velocity (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Boss Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

Quick Launch is the best-in-slot here for the added Velocity because we want rockets to hit their target as soon as possible. The Handling boost improves equip speed when looking to bring Bump in the Night to the party.

Bump in the Night god roll for PVE shown on D2Foundry

Source: D2Foundry

Impact Casing is best-in-slot here as it increases damage on direct hits. While not always essential, the extra damage is always welcome for tougher enemies. The Stability boost is an added bonus.

Tracking Module is essential for those engagements where enemies can move quickly or if you are looking to be accurate while on the move. Ensure that you aim down sights at your target before firing, this means the rocket will go towards the enemy and hopefully score that direct hit.

Chill Clip is the main event on Bump in the Night for its ability to slow your enemies as well as cause shatter damage. This is all on top of the already increased damage from Impact Casing. This combination together makes Bump in the Night a solid choice for any endgame activities for not only doing large amounts of damage but also the bonuses it gives to the team by slowing enemies down. Bungie recently balanced Chill Clip and its interaction with Bump in the Night but it will still do a good job when used for boss damage.

This combination is best when used when another member of the Fireteam is using Gjallarhorn with the catalyst. If this combination is on your side the damage output is a game changer.

For a more flat damage rate, Chill Clip can be switched out for Vorpal Weapon and Tracking for Auto Loading Holster. This variation is best suited for Solo play.

PVP - Bump in the Night god roll

Bump in the Night will not come up in PVP much as there are more capable archetypes for the mode out there. For a solid roll to take into PVP, Volatile Launch starts this off best due to its large Blast Radius increase. You will find the most effective way to use Rocket Launchers in PVP is in closer proximity so the Blast Radius increase makes it harder for an opponent to escape the area of damage.

Bump in the Night - PVP
Barrel Volatile Launch (Blast Radius +15, Velocity -5, Handling -5)
Magazine High-Velocity Rounds (Velocity +10, Reload +10)
Perk 1 Demolitionist (Power weapons grant 10 percent grenade ability energy on kill.)
Perk 2 Vorpal Weapon (10 percent damage increase to players in Super)
Origin Trait Extrovert (While surrounded by enemies or within range of a Nightmare within kills restore HP)
Masterwork Blast Radius or Velocity (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Quick Access Sling (Increases weapon ready and stow speed)

High-Velocity Rounds then help us pick up the slack from the -5 to Velocity on the Barrel choice but still provide a significant bump to help the rocket get from A to B as fast as possible.

Bump in the Night god roll for PVP shown on D2Foundry

Source: D2Foundry

Demolitionist is best here because in a PVP scenario your rocket is one shot and one kill so the returning grenade energy for this is allows you to move onto the next target.

Vorpal Weapon rounds this roll off in PVP because you can hold your heavy ammo to protect your team against an enemy Super. Vorpal does extra damage to a Guardian in a Super so the damage increase will help take them down and keep your team safe.

Bump in the Night has appeared as a dark horse in terms of damage output, making it a great option for adding extra spice to your Fireteam’s kit when taking on difficult PVE encounters. For more god roll weapon breakdowns, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide.

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