Iron Banner Season 14 quest guide - Destiny 2

A complete guide to the Iron Banner Season 14 quest, Iron-Handed Diplomacy, in Destiny 2.


Iron Banner Season 14 is here for Destiny 2 players, which means Lord Saladin is ready to give you some loot. This special quest of Saladin’s is called Iron-Handed Diplomacy, and much like previous Seasons, it has you playing a whole lot of Iron Banner. Make sure you grab the Iron Banner bounties before you dive in.

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Iron Banner quest: Iron-Handed Diplomacy

The Iron Banner Season 14 quest is Iron-Handed Diplomacy. This quest has six steps, with only five of them having tasks that require you to play in Iron Banner. The sixth is to go speak with Lord Saladin. There is a component to get kills with a Power weapon, but thankfully it’s a Machine Gun and not something like a Rocket Launcher, and it’s only three kills. So, let’s get on with it.

Step 1: Guardian defeats, zones captures, ability final blows

destiny 2 iron banner season 14 quest iron-handed diplomacy

The first step, as always, is to defeat other players, capture zones, and get some ability kills. For Season 14, you can use Arc or Void abilities. Use whatever perk tree you’re most comfortable with and get to work.

  • 30 Guardians defeated
  • 10 Zones captured
  • 10 Arc or Void ability final blows

Step 2: Hand Cannons, zones captured, matches completed

destiny 2 iron-handed diplomacy

Now things get a little bit more specific. You will need to get 20 Guardian defeats using Hand Cannons. Use whichever Hand Cannon you prefer – something like The Last Word is a good option right now.

  • 20 Zones captured
  • 6 Matches completed
  • 20 Hand Cannon final blows

Step 3: Sniper Rifles, Guardian defeats, zones captured

destiny 2 iron banner season 14 quest

This step of the Iron Banner Season 14 quest really kicks it up a notch. You will need to get 100 Guardian defeats, which is just going to take some time and patience. Stick with your teammates to get a better chance of finishing this one quickly.

As for the Sniper Rifle defeats, equip whatever you’ve got lying around and start poppin’ heads.

  • 100 guardian defeats
  • 30 Zones captured
  • 10 Sniper Rifle final blows

Step 4: Shotguns, Zones captured, melee kills

detiny 2 iron banner season 14

Equip your favorite Shotgun for this step and focus on getting either kills with it or with your melee as a follow-up attack. While you’re doing that, capture more zones.

  • 15 Melee final blows
  • 40 Zones captured
  • 10 Shotgun final blows

Step 5: Match points, Machine Gun kills, Super defeats

This is the final step that will have you playing Iron Banner. For the Match Points, you earn 3 points for a win and 1 point on a loss. Do your best to secure the win so you can move through this step faster. Play with some friends to make this easier. For the kill components, just equip your favorite Machine Gun and Super and get to work.

  • 15 Super final blows
  • 25 Match Points earned
  • 3 Machine Gun final blows

Step 6: Speak with Lord Saladin

Head back to the Tower and chat with Lord Saladin to finish the Iron Banner Season 14 quest, Iron-Handed Diplomacy.

Season 14 Iron Banner bounties

No doubt you’ll be primarily looking to complete the Iron Banner quest, but don’t forget the bounties. These are an excellent source of Powerful Gear. While it’s not as much of a grind, they will help you hit Max Power this Season.

Oath of the Pack

destiny 2 iron banner season 14 bounties oath of the pack

Oath of the Pack focuses on working with your teammates. Defeat your enemies while assisted by a teammate. Just stick with your pals and this will be chipped away as you complete the quest.

Around the Fire

destiny 2 iron banner season 14 bounties around the fire

Around the Fire is about capturing zones. Capture zones with your teammates to earn more points. Considering most of the quest steps require you to capture zones, this one should be done quickly.

Victory Banners

destiny 2 iron banner season 14 bounties victory banners

Victory Banners requires you to complete matches while wins earns you more progress. Just play Iron Banner and this will get done sooner or later.

The Rout

destiny 2 iron banner season 14 bounties the rout

The Rout requires a bit more skill as you must defeat opponents in Iron Banner. Defeating enemies that are of higher Power than you counts as more percentage, so you might consider lowering your Power if you want to get it done faster. The drawback is you’ll be taking more damage and dealing less.

An Arsenal of Tricks

destiny 2 iron banner bounty an arsenal of tricks

An Arsenal of Tricks requires that you defeat opponents using final blows from abilities. Bonus progress is awarded for using your Super and defeating someone that is a higher Power than you. The best option here is to use your weapons to weaken enemies and then get the kill with your grenade or melee. Of course, use your Super when it's ready and aim to take down as many foes as possible. Roaming Supers are good for this.

Maneuver Warfare

destiny 2 iron banner season 14 bounties maneuver warfare

Maneuver Warfare requires enemy defeats while your team holds Zone Advantage (two zones captured). You can earn additional progress whenever you've got three zones captured. Unless you're playing with a full stack, this is going to take a bit of luck. Save your Super for when your team has two zones.

Iron Confidence

destiny 2 iron banner season 14 bounties iron confidence

Iron Confidence is a nice and easy bounty to complete. Just get defeats with final blows from any weapons. You can gain additional progress by using Energy weapons, Power weapons, and defeating someone who is a higher Power. Pick an Energy weapon you love and get to defeating your foes.

The Iron Banner Season 14 quest, Iron-Handed Diplomacy, requires you play a whole lot of Iron Banner, which should come as no surprise. This Season looks to drop a new Shotgun and Machine Gun, so get in there and start farming for those god rolls. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more from Season of the Splicer.

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