Locus Locutus god roll - Destiny 2

This snappy Sniper Rifle challenges the current top choices in the sandbox.


Season of the Witch has rolled into town with some much needed spice to the seasonal weapon offering. Locus Locutus gives fans of Sniper Rifles some welcome variety and it does not disappoint.

Locus Locutus is a Stasis, Adaptive Frame, Sniper Rifle that fits well into the Kinetic slot. Likened to fan favorite, Beloved, Locus Locutus fills a gap in the Sniper Rifle market for a snappy Kinetic choice to open up your options in other slots.

How to get Locus Locutus

Locus Locutus can be a reward from completions of the Season of the Witch activities, Savathun’s Spire or Altars of Summoning. You can use Season of the Witch engrams to focus Locus Locutus at the Ritual Table located in the H.E.L.M. Direct focus is also possible, costing just four engrams per roll.

You can earn Witch's Keys from completing any activity across Destiny 2 and these can be used at the end of Savathun’s Spire or Altars of Summoning for an extra chance at Locus Locutus.

Locus Locutus is craftable so has a chance to drop with Deepsight Resonance and becomes craftable after you discover five of this type. This then opens up Locus Locutus to enhanced perks.

PvP - Locus Locutus god roll

PvP is where Locus Locutus has the potential to shine. With a light feel and quality Handling, Locus Locutus can be made into a nightmare for your opponents to face. It also comes with a short zoom scope at 40 meters.

Locus Locutus - PVP
Barrel Fluted Barrel (Stability +5, Handling +15)
Magazine Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
Perk 1 Keep Away (If no enemies are within 15 meters: grants Range +10, Reload +30, and narrows the Accuracy Cone by five percent)
Perk 2 Opening Shot (For one bullet only : Aim Assist +20, Range +20, -5 percent Accuracy Cone size, -10 percent Accuracy Cone growth)
Origin Trait Head Rush (Standing up after crouching for a short time grants this weapon a brief period of improved handling and reload speed)
Masterwork Handling (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Targeting Adjustor (Aim Assist +5)

Fluted Barrel is the best place to start due to its Handling boost, elevating Locus Locutus to a lighter feel when needing to switch quickly. Pair this with Accurized Rounds to add a more reliable, sticky feel when aiming at your target.

Locus Locutus god roll for PVP

Source: D2Foundry

Keep Away is a very strong perk when it comes to Sniper Rifles. While you can use them aggressively, during games it's more likely to be at a safe distance awaiting a head to peek out or while you are holding down a lane. Its boosts to Range and accuracy over 15 meters are significant and increases these stats when making this perk enhanced. This means Locus Locutus, with this perk, will be even more lethal than the other choices. Surplus does test the resolve but in the current sandbox it is far more rewarding to use your abilities, so you will sparingly get the full benefit.

Round this roll off with Opening Shot, an S-tier perk for Sniper Rifles across the game. With Locus Locutus’ already strong stats this puts this god roll on another level to its Sniper Rifle counterparts fighting for the Kinetic slot.

PvE - Locus Locutus god roll

Sniper Rifles aren’t all that common in PvE these days just because of the power coming from other sources. That said, Locus Locutus does a great job of building up its power to give solid damage output.

Locus Locutus - PVE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +25, Handling +10)
Magazine Tactical Mag (Reload +10, Stability +5)
Perk 1 Overflow (Upon picking up Special or Heavy Ammo: Magazine gets refilled and overflowed from reserves, even when weapon is stowed)
Perk 2 Firing Line (While within 15 meters of two allies: 20 percent increased precision damage)
Origin Trait Head Rush (Standing up after crouching for a short time grants this weapon a brief period of improved handling and reload speed)
Masterwork Stability (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Major or Boss Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

Arrowhead Brake is the best option to start with to control the high Recoil. This is much more beneficial for this roll to ensure accuracy on consecutive shots. Tactical Mag adds welcome Stability to keep Locus Locutus straight between shots and offers faster Reload Speed.

Locus Locutus god roll for PVE

Source: D2Foundry

Overflow does need some setup but ammo bricks should be plentiful on the battlefield. Pick one up to fill from reserves to double the capacity of the magazine. Overflow then pairs perfectly with Firing Line, which gives every shot a 20 percent buff when near two allies.

If you are solo, you can opt for Box Breathing in the final perk slot due to Firing Line’s need to be in a group. Box Breathing increases the precision damage to 2.5 when activated which does a good job, but it is only for one shot.

Locus Locutus fills a void in the Kinetic slot with its snappy and light feeling. This is well worth looking out for while you traverse Savathun’s Throne World. For more Season of the Witch information and weapon guide content, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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