Strange Terrain Nightfall Walkthrough for Destiny 2

Farm the Strange Terrain Nightfall for the Braytech Osprey rocket launcher.


The launch of the Warmind DLC for Destiny 2 brought with it a couple of new Strikes for players to experience, and the Strange Terrain strike is fast becoming a popular option for players in search of specific loot drops. When it’s the weekly Nightfall, the Strange Terrain Strike offers players a chance to earn the Braytech Osprey, a powerful cluster-bomb rocket launcher. Farming the Braytech Osprey requires knowing how to complete the Strange Terrain Nightfall extremely quickly.

Strange Terrain Nightfall Walkthrough

The Strange Terrain Nightfall begins in the Glacial Drift, facing players toward the cave that leads down into the Hive-infested bowels of Mars. Summon the Sparrow and speed off into the caverns, making sure to avoid the bottomless pits. When approaching the first room full of Hive enemies, either take the time to fight and clear it out, or carefully weave around the right-hand side and down into the next tunnel system.

This next section requires players to fight up a ramp filled with Hive knights and cursed thrall. Kill the knights at the back to have them drop the relics that need to be thrown at the shards. With all the shards destroyed, continue deeper into the caves.

Fight through the cave system to reach the first major enemy encounter, a wizard called, Simmumah Ur-Nokru. Kill the wizard and continue deeper to reach the next major fight against an ogre. The ogre is locked under a barrier held in place by the floating crystal shards. Find the Ugul Gar knights around the arena, kill them, and throw the relic at the shards. Repeat this until the ogre is free and can be killed. With the ogre defeated, the way forward will be clear.

Continue down the tunnels to reach the final fight of the Strange Terrain Nightfall. Defeat the enemies in the room to summon the boss, Nokris, Herald of Xol. Damage Nokris until its shields return, at which point enemies will flood the arena. Focus on taking out the Hive units, paying special attention to the powerful knights that spawn. When a knight dies, they drop a relic which must be thrown at the shards. Two knights spawn during this phase, so two shards will need to be destroyed. Once two crystal shards have been destroyed, Nokris will become vulnerable.

Once a third of Nokris’ health is removed, its shield will return and the Hive knights will need to be killed again to remove two more crystal shards. This pattern repeats, with one difference during the final two crystals: instead of Nokris remaining stationary and not attacking, it will move freely around the arena, attacking any nearby players.

During this final stage, it is important for all players to communicate the location of Nokris, as getting caught out in the open can lead to immediate death. Take the time to ensure all enemies are dead, and that any high-profile Hive units (Wizards and Knights) are killed as soon as possible. After the last two crystal shards are destroyed, focus on dealing damage to Nokris, Herald of Xol.

With Nokris defeated, the Strange Terrain Nightfall will be completed and the loot chest will spawn. At this point, there’s not much anyone can do to improve their chances of receiving the Braytech Osprey rocket launcher – it’s all up to RNG.

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