Point of the Stag Ritual weapon - Destiny 2

Complete a new Iron Banner quest in Season of the Worthy to unlock the Point of the Stag Ritual weapon in Destiny 2.


Point of the Stag is the only Ritual weapon introduced to Destiny 2 in Season of the Worthy. This combat bow is tied to a new Iron Banner quest that has yet to be revealed. When the first Iron Banner rolls around, players will be able to claim this bow.

Point of the Stag quest

The quest for Point of the Stag in tied directly to the Iron Banner Season 10 quest, Cast in Iron. As you move through this quest line, you will reach a step called Harness the Elements, requiring you to get Fusion Rifle final blows. Once this step is complete, you will unlock Point of the Stag. There's no outlandish quest like that for unlocking The Recluse or The Mountaintop. This should be relatively easy for a lot of players to acquire.

destiny 2 point of the stag quest iron banner
The Iron Banner season 10 quest, Cast in Iron, is also the quest for Point of the Stag.

It’s also worth pointing out that because the quest is tied to Iron Banner, players will likely only be able complete the quest in the Iron Banner mode. This effectively gives players about a week to get it done before they need to wait for the next event.

Unfortunately, this is the only Ritual weapon added to Destiny 2 this season. This is compared to the previous seasons which both had three Ritual weapons to unlock.

Point of the Stag perks

Destiny 2 Point of the Stag perks
Point of the Stag has a new perk, Vorpal Weapon. This boosts damage against enemies in their Super and bosses.

For those players that love a good bow – like our Managing Editor Bill Lavoy – the Point of the Stag will be quite an appealing addition. This bow has a brand new perk never before seen in Destiny 2.

  • Elastic String – Decreases accuracy, faster draw time, slightly increases handling speed.
  • Natural Fletching – Slightly decreases accuracy, greatly increases stability.
  • Choose between the following:
    • No Distractions – Aiming this weapon for a short period reduces flinch.
    • Archer’s Tempo – Draw time decreases after every precision hit.
  • Choose between the following:
    • Vorpal Weapon – Increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active
    • Eye of the Storm – This weapon becomes more accurate and boosts handling as your health gets lower.

As you can see, the new perk is Vorpal Weapon. This is an excellent perk as it does more damage against bosses and Guardians with their Super active. Combined with Archer’s Tempo, you will be dishing out a lot of damage when you’re facing a boss and able to make those precision hits.

Eye of the Storm is another top-notch perk, which helps you secure a shot when under fire. However, whether you want to forgo Vorpal Weapon will be up to you.

Point of the Stag also comes with an accuracy masterwork, making it a deadly shot at range. For the weapon slot, the choice is yours. You could double-down on the damage with a Boss Spec or even throw on a Targeting Adjuster mod.

The Point of the Stag Ritual weapon bow in Destiny 2 is sure to be a great addition to players’ loadouts. Unlike other Ritual weapons, the quest for Point of the Stag is actually tied to another quest, the Iron Banner season 10 quest. Be sure to check out the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more insights into the Season of the Worthy.

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