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Enjoy one of the best weapons of Destiny 2 year one with these Midnight Coup PvE and PvP god rolls.


As one of the most sought-after weapons of Destiny 2 year one, Midnight Coup is in the same class as some of the most revered weapons in Destiny history. A Guardian favorite almost immediately, Midnight Coup has the look, feel, and sound of a true icon of Guardian kit. Its Brave Arsenal PvE and PvP god roll does it deserved justice and Guardians everywhere will be going hard to bag a god roll.

How to get Midnight Coup

Midnight Coup is a random reward from the chests granted upon clearing the game mode, Onslaught. If you are brave enough to take on the Legend difficulty, Guardians will be rewarded with two chests after clearing 10 waves, with the final, fiftieth wave offering three chests.

Guardians can also redeem the currency, Trophies of Bravery, in the Hall of Champions at a chest next to Lord Shaxx for more chances at Midnight Coup.

To ensure you get the highest chance at dropping a Midnight Coup, visit the Midnight Coup Attunement terminal in the Hall of Champions. Selecting Midnight Coup to attune will increase its drop chance by 50 percent.

PvE - Midnight Coup god roll

The Brave version god roll of Midnight Coup comes with a powerful perk interaction making it strong at tearing through low-tier enemies and a great option when taking on Destiny 2’s strongest foes.

Midnight Coup god roll - PvE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil Direction +20, Handling +10)
Magazine Tactical Mag (Reload Speed +10, Stability +5, Magazine +1)
Perk 1 Explosive Head (splits 50 percent of damage into an explosive damage portion that deals 30 percent increased damage in PvE. Detonation time varies on draw and distance. [PvE] 15 percent body shot damage increase. Precision damage increase varies depending on the Precision Multiplier.)
Perk 2 Kinetic Tremors (Scoring multiple hits against a target within 3 seconds of each emits 3 damaging shockwaves from its location at the time of activation)
Origin Trait Indomitability (Final blows grant grenade energy when playing a Light subclass or melee energy when playing a Darkness subclass)
Masterwork Range or Handling (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Major Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

Begin building this god roll with Arrowhead Brake, this ensures maximum Recoil Direction making shots easier to keep on target and offers a welcome Handling bump adding to Midnight Coup’s already snappy feel. Add Tactical Mag for the extra round in the Magazine and bonuses to Reload Speed and Stability to buff some lower-end stats.

Midnight Coup god roll for PvE

Source: D2Foundry

Midnight Coup brings that unique flavor back to the table with the combination of Explosive Payload and Kinetic Tremors. These perks enhance each other powerfully: Explosive Payload’s extra damage will help Kinetic Tremors engage faster as using Explosive Payload ensures your target is hit multiple times per shot. This combination will cause massive damage to more powerful foes while also being great for clearing groups of enemies easily with its explosive damage or shockwaves created by focusing a tankier enemy.

The combinations are so strong with Midnight Coup and a worthy mention must go to Firefly and Rampage, both working in glorious tandem to bring the booms and have your enemies running for cover.

PvP - Midnight Coup god roll

Carrying a unique feel, Midnight Coup just ticks the boxes of a great weapon and PvP players can harness that power easily with this god roll.

Midnight Coup god roll - PvP
Barrel Hammer-Forged Rifling (Range +10)
Magazine Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
Perk 1 Moving Target (Grants Aim Assist +10 while Aiming Down Sights (ADS) and reduces the ADS movement speed penalty by an additive 2.5 percent)
Perk 2 Opening Shot (Aim Assist +20, Range +25, -5 percent accuracy cone, -10 percent accuracy cone growth)
Origin Trait Indomitability (Final blows grant grenade energy when playing a Light subclass or melee energy when playing a Darkness subclass)
Masterwork Range (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Targeting Adjuster (+5 Aim Assist)

Start with Hammer-Forged Rifling for the added Range, making Midnight Coup deadly across long sight lines. Further enhance this with Accurized Rounds, the extra Range adding to its already sticky feel.

Midnight Coup god roll for PvP

Source: D2Foundry

Moving Target then comes in for its added Aim Assistance and extra speed while ADSing. This gives the perfect advantage for Hand Cannon users caught in duels and can easily help turn the tide of a fight as the faster speed gives enemies a hard time landing their shots. Finish this off with Opening Shot, which benefits Range and Aim Assistance on the first shot of an engagement. This combination gives Midnight Coup deadly speed and accuracy to cause havoc in any arena.

It’s great to see such a highly thought of weapon return and these god rolls showcase what makes Midnight Coup such a popular pick. For more Destiny 2: Into the Light guides and god roll breakdowns of every weapon in the Brave Arsenal, dive into the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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