Shadow's Return Triumph - Destiny 2

The location of each boss needed to complete Shadow's Return Triumph in Destiny 2 aboard the Derelict Leviathan.


The Shadow’s Return Triumph is one of the many required to unlock the Reaper Title in Destiny 2. This Triumph is actually a collection of four smaller Triumphs, of which a few have their own. This is difficult to unlock not only because it’s a multilayered task that’s tough to track in-game, but because it’s not immediately clear what each one is asking of you. However, we’ve got you covered. Below is each Triumph and where to find the boss it wants you to defeat.

Shadow’s Return Triumph

destiny 2 shadows return triumph
The Shadow's Return Triumph contains four individual Triumphs, two of which contain their own four Triumphs.

The Shadow’s Return Triumph for the Reaper Title requires four specific other Triumphs. Use the following links to jump to the Triumph you need.

Firstly, Fever Dream and A Guardian Is a Guardian, Even in a Nightmare both have four Triumphs associated with them. The last two are self-contained. What this means is that there are 12 Triumphs you must unlock in order to complete the Shadow’s Return Triumph. It’s a bit of a mess, but thankfully it’s easy to complete provided you know where to find the bosses.

We’ve got a general overview of the Reaper Title Triumphs if you’re chasing any of the others needed for the Seal.

Fever Dream

destiny 2 shadows return fever dream
Fever Dream contains four Triumphs of its own.

Fever Dream is comprised of four Triumphs:

  • Sporest of Beasts
  • Nightmare Breached
  • Drainage
  • Ritual Under Shadow

Each of these points the player to a specific location where they must defeat a certain enemy aboard the Derelict Leviathan.

Sporest of Beasts – Alcove guarded by resting hounds

destiny 2 shadows return fever dream sporest of beasts
Look for this boss in the Pleasure Gardens.

The Sporest of Beasts Triumph can be completed in the Pleasure Gardens. Go to the large statue of Calus above the bunker and drop down the hole at its feet. Inside will be War Beasts, defeat them to summon Nightmare of Carun, Beastmaster. You may need to wait for on-screen text to read: A distant snore of sleeping War Beasts…

Nightmare Breached – Alcove opposite Calus

destiny 2 shadows return fever dream nightmare breached
Nightmare Breached is found in a small hole in the Pleasure Gardens.

The Nightmare Breached enemies are called Nightmare of Kra’lock, the Sword and Nightmare of Ha’lok, the Shield. These two are found in the Pleasure Garden, to the left of the stairs. Climb up the rocks and look for a small hole in the wall that leads to a room. Defeat Scorn until the bosses spawn.

Drainage – Alcove connected to an old, unused passage

destiny 2 shadows return fever dream drainage
Complete the Drainage Triumph by defeating a boss in the Royal Pools. Drop down the hole behind the fungus.

The Drainage Triumph is found in the Royal Pools. You must defeat a boss called Nightmare of Qalec, the Sniper. To find this boss, enter the Royal Pools and go into the right-wing of the area. Up the back is a hole in the ground, drop down and defeat the enemies.

Ritual Under Shadow – Alcove passageway containing a Nightmare ritual

destiny 2 shadows return fever dream ritual under shadow
The boss for Ritual Under Shadow appears through the door up the back left.

The Ritual Under Shadow Triumph is awarded for defeating the Nightmare of Sy’ad, the Unending in the Royal Pools. Go up the back of the Royal Pools and in the door on the left. Light the three torches on the ground to make the boss appear. Defeat the nightmares and then the boss.

A Guardian Is a Guardian, Even in a Nightmare

destiny 2 shadows return a guardian is a guardian even in a nightmare
A Guardian is a Guardian, Even in a Nightmare has four of its own Triumphs.

A Guardian Is a Guardian, Even in a Nightmare is unlocked by completing four other Triumphs:

  • At the Behest of the Empress
  • Exile Ended
  • Battle Lines
  • Shared Fears

At the Behest of the Empress – Defeat a troublesome Loyalist commander

destiny 2 shadows return a guardian is a guardian even in a nightmare at the behest of the empress
Look for the blue beacon in the Royal Pools. Activate the beacon, fight with Caiatl's Cabal, and defeat the bosses to complete At the Behest of the Empress.

At the Behest of the Empress requires defeating two bosses: Defeat Au’gor, Devoted of Calus and Jai’ek, Supplicant of Calus. These bosses are found in the Royal Pools. Enter the pools and activate the blue beacon on the left (if it's not there, wait around until it appears). Two friendly Cabal will aid you in clearing the area. Fight up to the top of the left stairs (the back of the room), defeating enemies until the two bosses appear. Defeat the bosses to complete the Triumph.

Exile Ended – Defeat a Loyalist commander and release its prisoner

destiny 2 shadows return a guardian is a guardian even in a nightmare exile ended
Exile Ended is completed in the Royal Pools. Look for the Shield Warden and its prisoner.

Exiled Ended requires you to defeat a Loyalist commander and then free its prisoner in the Pleasure Gardens. A Prisoner will appear in a Solar dome on the ground, a bit smaller than the one that appears for the Battle Lines Triumph. Defeat the guard to free the prisoner.

Battle Lines – Defeat a Loyalist force defending their territory, and bring down their commander

destiny 2 shadows return battle lines
The Battle Lines Triumph requires destroying three shield generators and then the Loyalist.

The Battle Lines Triumph can be completed in the Royal Pools and the Pleasure Garden. You must defeat a boss called Loyalist Sentinel Commander.

Look for the on-screen text that reads: Loyalist Sentinels have fortified a position. This will indicate that the boss event has started. Search the area for the large Solar dome shield. Go inside, defeat all the enemies, and destroy the shield generator. Repeat this for the next two shields in the area.

Once all three Solar shields are destroyed, you will be able to defeat the boss, Loyalist Sentinel Commander.

Shared Fears – Defeat Nightmares linked by an old bond of war

destiny 2 shadows return shared fear
Nightmare of Cek'ik, Seeker of the Deep spawns after defeating its three powerful Nightmares: Sunken, Forgotten, and Drowned.

Shared Fears requires you to defeat three powerful Nightmares and then Cek’ik, the Seeker of the Deep in the Royal Pools. Hang around in the Royal Pools until the on-screen text shows: Three powerful Nightmares haunt the Leviathan.

Find each of the powerful Nightmares around the perimeter (The Sunken, The Forgotten, and The Drowned), defeat them, and then Cek’ik, the Seeker of the Deep will spawn in the middle. Defeat it to finish the Triumph.

Get to Taking Out Their Commenaders, One by One

destiny 2 shadows return get to taking out their commanders one by one
Get to Taking Out Their Commanders, One by One only has two targets to defeat.

This Triumph only requires you to defeat two foes, and both of them are in the Royal Pools:

  • Nightmare of Ky’leks, the Docked
  • Nightmare of Evoks, the Burned

Hang out in the Royal Pools, doing laps of the area and defeating everything you find. It’s just a waiting game until these bosses spawn.

Controlled Burn

destiny 2 shadows return controlled burn
Controlled Burn asks you to find and defeat two enemies.

Controlled Burn requires players defeat two specific enemies in the Pleasure Gardens:

  • Nightmare of Tlazat, Fed to Beasts
  • Nightmare of Uaoc, Spine Breaker
destiny 2 shadows return controlled burn Nightmare of Tlazat

Both of these are found in the Pleasure Gardens. Spend time in the gardens defeating enemies until these nightmares spawn.

The Shadow’s Return Triumph can be difficult to track, as two Triumphs have their own four to complete. However, the location of the enemies can be one or two places: Royal Pools or the Pleasure Gardens. Spend enough time in either and this Triumph will be completed. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help with other collectibles and activities.

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