All Darkness Rift locations - Destiny 2

Find and destroy all the Darkness Rifts in Savathun's Throne World for the No Peeking Triumph in Destiny 2.


There are ten Darkness Rifts for players to find in Destiny 2. Each rift is tucked away in some hidden spot in Savathun’s Throne World, and by finding and destroying them, players will unlock the No Peeking Triumph.

Darkness Rifts

destiny 2 darkness rifts no peeking triumph

To destroy the Darkness Rifts you must first unlock the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher. With this unlocked, you can gain the Worm Byproduct buff by shooting the ground and being within the explosion’s radius. This buff allows you to damage and destroy the Darkness Rifts.

Temple of the Cunning

destiny 2 darkness rifts temple of the cunning

It’s worth starting with Temple of the Cunning as it is the most difficult and time-consuming to get. This area is accessed via Quagmire, through a tunnel near the Lost Sector. From the starting location, cut across the gulley, hang left, and go inside the cavern where Scorn are located. Jump up the ledge and continue down the tunnel.

Pass through the dark halls with the Hive light sacks until you come into the larger cavern. Go through the yellow portal on the right-hand side. Follow the left path down and around and into the next tunnel across the bridge.

Continue through the Hive tunnels, through the central chamber where a Lucent Moth is, and leap off the edge to fall down the huge drop to the lower bridge. Run past the swinging chalice and stick to the right-hand side. You’ll find the rift along the right-side, on a rocky formation you must jump to in order to reach.

Extraction Lost Sector

destiny 2 darkness rifts extraction

The Extraction Lost Sector in Quagmire has a Darkness Rift at the end, above the boss chest. Fight through the Lost Sector, activate the three plates to continue, and defeat the Hive Wizard at the end.


destiny 2 darkness rifts quagmire

This Darkness Rift is found in Quagmire, to the south east along the path that leads to the Alluring Curtain. There will be a little structure right before the wall curves and you would have to jump off your Sparrow to get across.

Florescent Canal

destiny 2 darkness rifts florescent canal

Head to the Florescent Canal area via the Quagmire to find another Darkness Rift. Stick to the right-hand side and look for the three structures that sit along the edge of the area. The Darkness Rift is behind the middle structure.

Sepulcher Lost Sector

destiny 2 darkness rifts sepulcher

The Sepulcher Lost Sector in Florescent Canal holds another Darkness Rift. Fight to the end and when you reach the boss chest, look to the left side of the room to spot it in the corner.

Queen’s Bailey

destiny 2 darkness rifts queen's bailey

This Darkness Rift is in the Queen’s Bailey, the area to the north of the Florescent Canal. This area is the starting point of the strike, The Lightblade. When you enter Queen’s Baily (from Florescent Canal), go down the stairs and look to the left to spot the Darkness Rift above some statues.


destiny 2 darkness rifts miasma

Miasma is where you’ll find another two Darkness Rifts. The first one is along the left side of the area. You’ll find it near the massive door that leads to the Disciple’s Bog, which is where the start of the Vow of the Disciple raid takes place. The rift is on the right side of the little area.

Metamorphosis Lost Sector

destiny 2 darkness rifts metamorphosis

Another Darkness Rift is found in the Metamorphosis Lost Sector in Miasma. Get to the end where the lift is and prep yourself with the Worm Byproduct buff. Get the buff and then go up the lift and shoot the crystal as you pass over the ledge. Alternatively, try and land on the ledge and then give yourself the buff if that is too difficult.

Court of Thorns

destiny 2 darkness rifts court of thorns
The Darkness Rift should be in the brace at the top of the launch pads (or before you jump down if you're on Defend).

Another Darkness Rift can be found during the Wellspring activity. If you’re on Attack, work your way across the bridge and up the lifts. When you reach the top, look on the left brace to spot the rift. If you’re on Defend, fight out of the central area and down the stairs, the rift will be on your right.

Altar of Reflection

destiny 2 darkness rifts altar of reflection

The final Darkness Rift is found in the Altar of Reflection, which can be accessed from the map of Savathun’s Throne World or during the mission, The Mirror. When you get to the altar (at the end of the mission where you activate the memory), the rift is to your left floating above the water.

Finding all of the Darkness Rifts in Savathun’s Throne World is going to take a little bit of time. However, unlike some of the other collectibles in Destiny 2, it shouldn’t take you too long to track them all down. The main hurdle will be acquiring the Parasite Grenade Launcher. Be sure to stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for even more collectible guides.

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