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Gyrfalcon's Hauberk is a real game-changing Exotic for Hunters in endgame content and is worthwhile for any activity in Destiny 2.


Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk, introduced in Season of Plunder, is a new Hunter Exotic chest piece which comes with buffs not only for your Hunter but the rest of the Fireteam as well. Its Exotic perk is something all Hunters should be considering when approaching endgame content, especially those with the need for big damage output and survivability.

It also carries benefits in PVP due to the different ways you can go invisible using the Void subclass. The values do change in PVP so it’s not as potent as PVE but there is definitely a place for Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk in both your PVE and PVP loadouts.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk Exotic perk: SEE ME, FEEL ME

Image shows Gyrfalcon's Hauberk Exotic Hunter chest piece

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The Exotic perk on Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk is named See Me, Feel Me. The Exotic is focused around the Hunter Void subclass, Nightstalker. Working with each of the Hunter’s class Aspects such as Trappers Ambush, Stylish Executioner and Vanishing Step for a wide choice of the best way to make yourself invisible for the perk to kick in. It also has a secret perk not stated on the Exotic details.

For PVE, the damage boost is 35 percent for five seconds when coming out of invisibility. In PVP, it is 15 percent for three seconds. Keep in mind: if you shoot your way out of invisibility, the first shot will not apply the buff as you come out of invisibility after the shot is fired. This means, the second shot will be what applies the buff.

The reserve overshield works for all classes, important to clarify as some assumed it was only other Hunters. So, if you get a finisher off while invisible and near your Fireteam, you will all get the overshield the next time the class ability is used.

The secret perk is this, when you finish an enemy while invisible, any surrounding enemies will become volatile. This paired up with the Aspect, Stylish Executioner, is a powerful combination.

  • SEE ME, FEEL ME - Your weapons gain a bonus to damage briefly after you emerge from being invisible. When you are invisible and defeat a combatant using a finisher, you and your nearby allies gain a reserve overshield and improve class ability regen. These reserve overshields can be deployed by using a class ability.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk PVE

Complementing the Nightstalker’s kit for invisibility, Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk provides a substantial damage boost which will change any Nightstalker Hunter’s approach to bosses or any tankier enemies they encounter. Adding a 35 percent damage increase for 5 seconds when coming out of invisibility as the main part of its perk, it easily competes as a contender for best Exotic a Hunter can utilise.

Its secondary function which benefits you and your fireteam is the ability to acquire an overshield in reserve. If you get a finisher off while invisible and nearby your allies, you will all gain an overshield charge to use within 15 seconds. Any player that uses their class ability within this time will consume the charge and gain a full overshield. It does not matter what class your fireteam is using for this to apply. It also increases class ability regeneration for a short period of time allowing your team an extra safety net which is valuable in endgame content.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk PVP

While the fundamental usage of Gyrfalcon’s Hauberks perks are the same, the buffs it carries are balanced for PVP. Instead of 35 percent for five seconds like PVE, it’s now 15 percent for three seconds in PVP. The rest of the Exotic perk’s advantages remain the same.

It is worth noting that with certain Exotic weapons, for example Ace of Spades, if its perk Memento Mori is loaded up and paired with Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk it has potential to ‘two-tap’ (kills in two headshots) a Guardian making an incredibly strong combination in the Crucible.

As you cannot use finishers in the Crucible, the secondary benefit of its Exotic perk does not apply here.

When to use Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk

Due to the versatility of this piece you can consider its usage in any Destiny 2 activity. It will shine the most in endgame content due to its extra damage output, the benefits of the Nightstalker class with invisibility, and helping the team out with overshields should you stick together.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk is exceptional for content such as high-end Nightfalls and raids where Champions or high-health bosses can seem a nuisance. For mobs, if you use the damage increase and then get close enough to apply a finisher, you are not only doing massive damage to stronger enemies but also then providing shields to yourself and your team. It also benefits during damage phases of bosses as you can set up by using the Tether Super to weaken a boss, throw a Smoke Bomb at your feet leading into you firing at a substantial 35 percent increase. This also stacks with perks such as Bait and Switch (another 35 percent damage buff) so the potential for big damage should not be missed. It will also stack up with Mods such as Font of Might adding a further 25 percent.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk also works with other subclasses. You can be a Solar Hunter and still get the benefits the Exotic perk provides. Consider combinations such as Rat King or Heartshadow; both bring invisibility as part of their perks so can be built around. Collective Obligation is another weapon that can gain an advantage.

How to get Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk

The main source to get this Exotic introduced in Season of Plunder is by farming Legend or Master Lost Sectors when the daily rotation is for a chest piece. To find out what day it is available, check out Shacknews Lost Sector rotation guide.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk lore

The higher your flight, the faster your dive.

"What's that?"

It's a childish question, really.

"There it is again! Did you hear it?"

That's more like it.


Of course you didn't.

"Do you see something?"

Of course they don't.


I'm just a trick of the eye.

"It's probably nothing."

That's right.

"Yeah. It's nothing."

They won't see me coming.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk is on the top shelf as far as Hunter Exotics go. The damage increase of 35 percent when coming out of invisibility not only lives up to the Nightstalker identity but can also take your damage output to the next level. Adding a great new string to the Hunter’s bow (pun intended) in the neutral game, the Fireteam advantages gained can also be the difference between a success and failure in endgame content.

Note: Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk is currently disabled for usage as of 09/15 as per Bungie. This was confirmed by the @BungieHelp Twitter account. No known date for its return is available but hopefully it will not be too far in the future.

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