Challenge: Deathproof bounty - Destiny 2

Learn how many kills are needed to complete the Challenge: Deathproof Petra bounty in Destiny 2.


Petra Venj has a lot of bounties for players to collect and complete and one that isn’t entirely clear with its description is Challenge: Deathproof. While it’s easy enough to understand what needs to be done, the number of enemies to kill to complete the Challenge: Deathproof bounty isn’t revealed.

Challenge: Deathproof bounty

To complete the Challenge: Deathproof bounty in Destiny 2, players must kill roughly 50 enemies without dying. The bounty itself does not give an exact number and simply offers a pass-fail checkbox. This can be frustrating for most players, as there’s really no indication of how close they are to completing the challenge.

Challenge Deathproof Destiny 2
The Challenge: Deathproof bounty from Petra Venj offers little information on how many enemies must be killed to complete it.

Thankfully, finding a good place to kill a lot of enemies quickly isn’t difficult in the Dreaming City. To knock out the Challenge: Deathproof bounty in a matter of minutes, head to any one of the Lost Sectors, preferably Chamber of Starlight or Aphelion’s Rest. These two Lost Sectors are safer than Bay of Drowned Wishes as they don’t have exploding Screebs, an enemy that can be easy to die to if you’re not careful.

Head into the Lost Sector and just begin killing enemies, moving forward at a comfortable pace. In all seriousness, Lost Sectors aren’t challenging to complete, you’ll no doubt be able to blitz through it without even thinking. In the embarrassing event that you die while doing the Deathproof challenge, exit the Lost Sector and go back in.

There should be enough enemies in the Lost Sector to complete the Challenge: Deathproof bounty before you even kill the boss at the end. Petra has a few bounties which are a bit unclear on their completion criteria, such as the Secret Secrets bounty and Challenge: The Shattered. Be sure to visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for our comprehensive list of guides covering every aspect of Destiny 2.

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