How to get the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun - Destiny 2

Cut the darkness down by unlocking the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun in Destiny 2.


The Guardian Games are here and there’s a new Exotic weapon to earn. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun in Destiny 2.

Unlock the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun

Class Act Destiny 2

In order to unlock the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun players will need to complete a Triumph called Class Act. This Triumph can be found by navigating to the list of Triumphs, choosing Seasonal, then Events. Class Act will require Guardians to complete seven Guardian Games 2020 Triumphs during this year's games, so there is a limited amount of time to get this done.

Thankfully, there are lots of Triumphs for Guardians to complete and they are shown on the same page as Class Act. Study them, then start working on completing any seven so that you’ll be able to unlock the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun. It’s unlikely this process will take only one play session, but we’re sure there are some hardcore Guardians out there who will prove us wrong.

Guardian Games 2020 Triumph list

As mentioned above, you will need to unlock the Class Act Triumph to unlock Heir Apparent. To do that, you must complete seven of the Guardian Games Triumphs. While there are technically 12 Triumphs, only 10 of these will help you in getting this Exotic Machine Gun. Here's a list of all the Guardian Games 2020 Triumphs:

  • Star Athlete - Complete all Triumphs for the Guardian Games 2020
  • Renowned - Earn points by collecting laurels from super, grenade, and charged melee final blows
  • Gold Medalist - Redeem gold medals (30)
  • Show Your Colors - Earn points by completing Guardian Games bounties
  • Quintuple Threat - Redeem a gold medal for Crucible, Gambit, strikes, destinations, and forges
  • Class Act - Complete any seven Guardian Games 2020 Triumphs
  • Great Deeds - Collect laurels in Gambit matches, strikes, forges, and on destinations 
  • Medalist - Redeem any medals (75)
  • Represent - Defeat combatants with abilities in Vanguard strikes and Nightfalls 
  • World Class - Redeem forge or destination medals (20)
  • Guardian Gamble - Redeem Gambit medals (10)
  • Embrace the Light - Defeat Guardians with Supers in the Rumble playlist (25)
Heir Apparent Destiny 2

Once you have the Heir Apparent, take it for a spin. We’re not joking. You must spin it up with RMB/L2/LT. Only then can it be fired. This is due to Heavy Slug Thrower, the weapon’s intrinsic trait. It also has a trait called Armor of the Colossus. With this trait, Guardians gain an Arc Shield when spinning this weapon up at full health.

It’s tough to say exactly how this weapon will fit into the PvE meta, if at all. Based on having to spin it up to fire it, we highly doubt this will have any sort of impact on the PvP portion of Destiny 2. Maybe this can be of use against some bosses in the right circumstances, and we’ll be sure to keep our eye out for any related discoveries. Either way, we must have the Heir Apparent, right? That’s what we Guardians do. We collect stuff, even if that stuff then collects dust.

With the Heir Apparent stuffed in your vault, get back to the grind Guardian, and don’t forget to study up using our Destiny 2 strategy guide so you can help your class win the Guardian Games 2020.

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