What is SBMM in Destiny 2?

Learn about SBMM in Destiny 2, what it is and what it means for your Crucible games.


Skill-based matchmaking, or SBMM, has been generating a whole lot of conversations in Destiny 2. For those that are new to the party or haven’t heard the term before, SBMM is a concept that might be foreign but has a direct impact on your Crucible experience. Below you’ll find information on what SBMM is, whether it’s a good thing, and what modes in Destiny 2 currently have it enabled.

What is SBMM?

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Source: Bungie

SBMM refers to skill-based matchmaking. This is a method by which Crucible games are created based on a player’s skill level. The game will actively try to match you up against players of equal or similar skill.

However, the game does not rely entirely on SBMM. If it takes too long to find opponents of equal skill, the net will slowly widen. While this is occurring, the game is also taking into consideration the connection quality of each player. Destiny 2 will try to strike a balance between the two.

Is SBMM good?

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Ask different players, get different answers.
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Whether or not SBMM is a good thing will depend on who you ask. Those players at the high-end level of competitive games will suddenly come face-to-face with equally skilled players and will be unable to put up 50 kill matches consistently. This results in matches that always feel extremely tense or sweaty.

For lower-skilled players, skill-based matchmaking will mean a far more enjoyable experience. No longer will they be steamrolled by players that are exceedingly better than them. What should hopefully occur are more evenly-matched games where newer players can practice, improving at their own pace, instead of eating dirt.

One drawback to skill-based matchmaking is that it may let in players of equal skill but who have terrible internet connections. So while all players will be of the same skill level, the poor connection quality will mean the match will likely be no fun.

What modes have SBMM?

Image shows three Guardians on the EDZ in Destiny 2

Source: Bungie

Not all modes in Destiny 2 currently have skill-based matchmaking applied. At first, Bungie enabled SBMM for Control in order to test the waters. The team offered up a thorough look at how the setting performed. You can read the information in the September 1 TWAB.

While peer-to-peer connections continue to exist, the presence of skill-based matchmaking in Destiny 2 will either leave players thrilled or furious. Make sure you read over Bungie’s blog posts and patch notes for more information on SBMM. We’ll be certain to keep you up to date as SBMM expands, is introduced to new modes, or receives changes. For more on this great game, check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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