Round and Round We Go Seasonal Challenge - Destiny 2

Round and Round We Go requires a whole lot of Orbs of Power to be generated in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch has more Seasonal Challenges for players, and one time-consuming task is Round and Round We Go. This challenge has players generating Orbs of Power in playlist activities, and boy howdy does it take a while.

Round and Round We Go, Seasonal Challenge

Round and Round We Go requires players generate 1,000 Orbs of Power. This is a staggering amount, and certainly reinforced that these are seasonal challenges and not something you can get done in a week – at least not without grinding.

Seasonal Challenge screen showing Round and Round We Go
Generate 1,000 Orbs of Power to complete Round and Round We Go. Siphon mods count, as do grenade and melee mods.
Source: Shacknews

In the event you do want to grind it out, here’s what to do. Playing Crucible and Gambit is immediately out, as there’s no way you’re generating enough Orbs in either. This leaves the Vanguard playlist. Slap on your most Orb-generation focused build, for me this is a Sunbracers build with the mods: Firepower, Heavy Handed, and Solar Siphon. (Take a look at our guide, All Destiny 2 Mods, for more information)

Firepower causes grenade final blows to create Orbs of Power. Heavy Handed makes powered melee final blows create Orbs of Power. Solar Siphon causes rapid Solar weapon final blows to generate Orbs of Power (if you’re not using Solar weapons, use a different Siphon mod). Even with all of these on, I was only able to walk away with 57 Orbs of Power generated in a single Strike. Anticipate this taking a while, at least 20 Strikes.

Post-game screen showing Orbs Generated
On bigger strikes, it might be possible to hit 100 Orbs generated, but for the most part this is going to take a while.
Source: Shacknews

Another way to farm this would be to do an 1830 Nightfall. This ensures matchmaking is off, allowing you to go to another area of the map and farm kills without hampering your allies. Keep in mind that this will be tough.

There’s really no fast way to do this. Check your subclass Fragments and Aspects to ensure there aren’t any in there that could assist in Orb generation. While you’re farming, take a moment to look over our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide, you’ll find more seasonal guides and walkthroughs.

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