Defiance of Yasmin god roll - Destiny 2

A perfect god roll Defiance of Yasmin will make you a menace in PvP in Destiny 2.


Defiance of Yasmin is one of those Sniper Rifles you love to hate. While you might luck upon a god roll of this as you farm King’s Fall, you can increase its potency further by acquiring the ability to craft one. When it comes to PvP content, Defiance of Yasmin has a couple of great combos. PvE players shouldn’t worry, as this Kinetic Adaptive Frame has a number of powerful perks for boss DPS phases, too.

How to get Defiance of Yasmin

Defiance of Yasmin is a drop from the King’s Fall raid. It can drop from the Warpriest encounter and the final fight against Oryx. Take a look at our King’s Fall loot table for the other weapons you can acquire. Make sure you get the bonus Oryx chest for a Deepsight Resonance version; you only need five to craft your own Defiance of Yasmin.

PvP – Defiance of Yasmin god roll

There are a handful of perks that make Defiance of Yasmin a worthy addition to your PvP loadout. Depending on your preferred sniping playstyle, your ideal roll may change slightly. Here’s a great starting point.

Defiance of Yasmin god roll - PVP
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +30, Handling +10)
Magazine Steady Rounds (+15 Stability, -5 Range, +7 Airborne Effectiveness)
Perk 1 Snapshot Sights (Faster time to aim down sights)
Perk 2 Opening Shot (Improved accuracy and range on the opening shot of attack)
Origin Trait Runneth Over (Reloading near allies overflows the magazine)
Masterwork Handling +10
Mod Targeting Adjuster

Begin with Arrowhead Brake and Steady Rounds. The first of these reins in the awful recoil pattern and improves the handling, letting you get it up to your eye much faster. Steady Rounds, while it does negatively impact range, offers a nice bump to the stability and airborne effectiveness stats.

For the first perk combination, go for Snapshot Sights and Opening Shot. The first perk here improves the ADS speed (which is already bumped up by Arrowhead Brake) while the second perk makes the first shot laser-focused. It’s a tasty combo that rewards quick-shots.

Defiance of Yasmin god roll for PVP

Source: D2Foundry

Another combination is No Distractions and Moving Target. This combo is ideal for those players that like to sit in a lane, hard-scoping the other side of the map. The reduction to flinch will help keep the reticle on-target, which is further aided by the second perk.

Regardless of your perk choice, aim for a Handling Masterwork and throw on Targeting Adjuster to make it easier to hit your mark.

PvE – Defiance of Yasmin god roll

Defiance of Yasmin might not be as viable in PvE as it is in PvP, but it still has some great options for its perks. However, you might consider farming another Sniper Rifle like Uzume RR4, Succession, The Supremacy, or Thoughtless.

Defiance of Yasmin god roll - PVE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +30, Handling +10)
Magazine Appended Mag (Magazine +2)
Perk 1 Lead From Gold (Picking up Heavy ammo grants ammo to this weapon)
Perk 2 Firing Line (This weapon deals increased precision damage when near two or more allies)
Origin Trait Runneth Over (Reloading near allies overflows the magazine)
Masterwork Handling+10
Mod Boss Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

As with the previous god roll, you will want Arrowhead Brake for the improvements to the recoil direction and handling. Grab Tactical Mag for the bonus to reload speed, improved stability, and the supposed increase to the magazine size.

From here, Lead From Gold remains a great choice for PvE content, especially if someone on your team is rocking an Aeon armor piece or generating Heavy ammo using Cenotaph Mask. Any Heavy brick you collect will also give you a bit of Special ammo, which is needed in boss fights.

Defiance of Yasmin god roll for PVE

Source: D2Foundry

The second perk is where things can change. When damage phases let you stand near allies, Firing Line is the S-tier pick. It boosts the damage output of the Sniper Rifle by 20 percent provided there are at least two allies within 15 meters. If you need to deal damage by yourself, Vorpal Weapon is the pick.

Round this off with Handling so you’re not sluggishly getting the scope up to your eye. And, of course, Boss Spec for the little bit of extra boss damage.

Defiance of Yasmin is a powerful Sniper Rifle, especially for those looking to dominate in PvP content. While there are some better options for PvE players, it’s still worth collecting one of these and keeping it stored in your vault. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more weapon god roll guides.

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