How to unlock the Reveler Title - Destiny 2

The Reveler Title in Destiny 2 lets players show off their love of the seasonal events.


The Reveler Title is a new addition to the Seals in Destiny 2. This unique Title encompasses all of the annual seasonal events, rewarding players with a Title that is only available by participating in all four. In order to unlock it, players must complete four Triumphs locked to events (which only occur four times a year).

Reveler Title – Event Card Triumphs

destiny 2 reveler title
The Reveler Title requires players to complete 16 challenges in each seasonal event.

There are only four Triumphs to complete to unlock the Reveler Title in Destiny 2. The tricky part about this is that the Triumphs require participation in the four events: Guardian Games, Solstice, Festival of the Lost, and The Dawning. If you cannot complete 16 Event Card challenges during even one of these, you will have to wait until it comes back the following year.

  • Guardian Games – Complete 16 Event Card challenges during spring events (Guardian Games).
  • Solstice – Complete 16 Event Card challenges during summer events (Solstice)
  • Festival of the Lost – Complete 16 Event Card challenges during autumn events (Festival of the Lost)
  • Dawning – Complete 16 Event Card challenges during winter events (The Dawning)

Though simple enough to understand, the challenge lies in completing 16 Event Card challenges. Thankfully, each seasonal event looks to have 24 Event Challenges, which means you do not need to complete them all and can pick which ones you prefer.

The in-game Reveler Title notes that the challenges do not need to be completed within a single event/year. This seems to indicate that you could complete 15 of the needed 16 challenges and then complete one more the following year when the event comes back.

Each time there is a seasonal event, make sure you jump in and knock out the challenges you need to unlock the Reveler Title. For more help with acquiring other Titles in the game, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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