How to get Red Death Reformed catalyst - Destiny 2

Power up the Guardian-killing Red Death Reformed with its Exotic catalyst.


Red Death Reformed is the Destiny 2 version of the Exotic Pulse Rifle and this healing-focused weapon gets its own catalyst. Unlocking the Red Death Reformed catalyst is different to other seasonal Exotic weapons, so be prepared for a bit of a time-gate and an XP farm.

How to get Red Death Reformed catalyst

Red Death Reformed catalyst on the Season Pass
You'll need to hit Season Pass Rank 145 to unlock the Red Death Reformed Exotic catalyst.
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The Red Death Reformed Exotic catalyst is available from the Season Pass on Rank 145. It is unavailable until Act 2 of Echoes begins, which will take place on July 16, 2024. At this point, Season Pass Ranks 101 through to 150 will unlockable. If you’re at Season Pass Rank 100, it will take 4,500,000 XP in order to hit Rank 145 (each rank is worth 100,000 XP).

Unlocking Red Death Reformed catalyst is quite different to how Bungie has handled Season Pass Exotics in the past. Previously, all you would need to do is collect the Exotic weapon from the Season Pass and then go speak with Banshee-44, who would offer you a quest. In some ways, this new method is much easier, though you do need to wait a bit longer.

Red Death Reformed catalyst perks

The Red Death Reformed catalyst adds the following effect to the Exotic Pulse Rifle: Final blows charge this weapon. When the weapon is charged, the next final blow creates a healing burst at your location and leaves a remnant behind that provides restoration to allies.

This seems liked a supped up version of the gun’s base perk, which cures nearby allies when you reload after a kill. The catalyst will provide more utility, especially for those players that lean into the support role.

Once you get the Red Death Reformed catalyst, you’ll still need to charge it up by getting kills. But with that done, you’ll have a rather powerful Exotic Pulse Rifle. Be sure to look over our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help with The Final Shape and the new Episodes.

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