How to get the Pole Position Shader - Destiny 2

If you're looking to unlock the Pole Position Shader during Guardian Games 2022 in Destiny 2, we've got you covered.


Guardian Games 2022 has brought with it new gear and cosmetics for players to get, including the Pole Position Shader. In this guide, I’ll tell you how you can unlock this cosmetic so you can slap it on whatever weapons or gear you see fit.

How to get the Pole Position Shader

Pole Position Shader Destiny 2

To unlock the Pole Position Shader, players must complete the Rack ‘Em Up Triumph, which is part of Guardian Games 2022. This means you have until the Guardian Games event ends, after which time it might not be possible to get this.

To complete the Rack ‘Em Up Triumph, players must earn points in the Guardian Games 2022 Recreational and Training playlists. These playlists can be launched from the Director in the Tower once you have made it to Step 6 in the Best in Class quest. To earn points in these playlists, players must only defeat combatants and earn Vanguard Medals. You can view a complete list of Vanguard Medals that you can obtain from these playlists by navigating to the following menu.

  • Triumphs
  • Season of the Risen
  • Guardian Games
  • Vanguard Medals
Rack Em Up Triumph Destiny 2

Once the Shader is unlocked, be sure to go into your Triumphs using the path above and click on the Rack ‘Em Up entry to get the rewards. You must claim the Triumph.

Unlocking the Pole Position Shader should be easy for most players that spend a decent amount of time in Destiny 2. The Triumph is four steps long, but I’ve hit 85 percent of Step 1 after only two activities from the Recreational playlist. As far as grinding goes in Destiny 2, this is mild compared to many other tasks.

Now that you know how to unlock the Pole Position Shader, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide. We’ve been busy building up a library of guides that will have something for Guardians of all experience and skill levels.

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